Sunday , May , 27 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Michael Jordan Hires Sam Vincent To Coach The Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Jordan, the owner, has hired Sam Vincent to work the Bobcats’ sideline … It’s a risk. Vincent has no head coaching experience …. So why would Charlotte and MJ hire him? … Click here to find out …

Michael Jordan made his first major decision as part-owner of the , hiring Sam Vincent as head coach.

The move is a risk. Vincent is viewed as a promising young coach. But he only has a year of NBA coaching experience, working as an assistant for Avery Johnson in Dallas.

It’s hard to know if Vincent is ready to be an NBA head coach. Everywhere he’s been, Vincent has had success as a sideline boss: the NBDL, Greece, Holland, and Nigeria.

The NBA is different. Players have a sense of entitlement. Vincent did play in The Association for seven seasons. But there’s an adjustment period even for former players. Sam Mitchell, another young and passionate coach in , took two full seasons to really find his way in the NBA.

I think Charlotte will improve next season. But everyone, Sam Vincent included, will be learning.

Jordan hired Vincent for a number of reasons.

First, ‘His Airness’ knows Vincent. Owners and GMs hire guys they‘re familiar with. That’s why the same coaches tend to get recycled. Jordan and Vincent have a relationship that dates back over two decades.

Second, Vincent is a blue-chip prospect. If the Bobcats didn’t hire him, Vincent would eventually get a job with another team.

Third, Vincent is unproven, so he’s cheap. Charlotte has a reputation, fair or not, for being thrifty.

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