Wednesday , May , 30 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Seattle Super Sonics One Step Closer to Leaving Pacific Northwest

Clay Bennett will move the Seattle Supersonics unless politicians agree to build him a new stadium … He’s set October 31st as his deadline for a deal or he’ll look at Oklahoma City, K.C., or Vegas as options for the team …. How will Sonic fans react?

The inevitable seems to be happening in the Emerald City. This morning, The Associated Press is reporting that the Seattle Super Sonics have given up on staying in the Puget Sound area and will look for a new home.

Clay Bennett, Seattle’s owner, hasn’t been able to convince local politicians to build a new arena. Bennett has set October 31st as the final deadline to get an agreement done on a new stadium or he’ll apply to the NBA for re-location.

The Sonics could end up calling Oklahoma City, Kansas City or Las Vegas home.

Let’s get one thing straight. This arena gets built once fans and lawmakers see Greg Oden block a shot or Kevin Durant drop a baseline jam on defenders.

Seattle loves basketball. The Sonics were once a proud and vibrant franchise. However, the city won’t like an outsider, owner Clay Bennett, continuing to threaten the area with a build me a stadium or I’ll move the franchise ultimatum.

They already told Starbucks’ guru Howard Schultz to take hike. What makes Bennett any different?

And some fans believe Bennett never wanted the club to stay in Seattle and has been looking to move the franchise to his hometown of Oklahoma City. This, of course, complicates things.

People who live in the Pacific Northwest have lifestyle options. They can ski and golf in the same day. They have a great NFL team. And the Mariners have a brand new stadium.

It would be a shame to see the Sonics leave, but if Bennett continues with his threats, Seattle may just show him the door.

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