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LeBron James Unbelievable In Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game Five Win Over Chauncey Billups & Detroit Pistons

Amazing …. Magnificent … Historic … LeBron James was all of these things on Thursday night, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a game five win over the Detroit Pistons …King James hit for 48 points, scoring 29 of his team’s final 30 points … Click here for your recap, reaction, and analysis …

What Happened: is now a playoff legend.

James scored an astounding 48 points to lead the to a 109-107 double overtime win over the on Thursday night at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The 22-year old contributed 29 of his team’s final 30 points, knocking down several breathtaking jumpers and sinking the game-winning lay-up with 2.2 second left.

James even played the role of bodyguard, defending teammate    after he was knocked to the floor by Detroit’s Antonio McDyess.

McDyess was ejected. James received a technical foul.

He also added nine boards and seven assists in a game that will be remembered for years to come.

With the win, the Cavaliers lead the Eastern Conference finals 3-2.

Cleveland’s chipped in with 16 points and eight rebounds, while rookie Daniel Gibson scored 11 points before fouling out.

paced the Pistons with 26 points. hit for 21 points, but missed a potential game-tying lay-up with 2 seconds left in double overtime.

registered 20 points and seven rebounds. had 17 points to go with eight rebounds.

This series is far from over. In last year’s playoffs, the Pistons trailed the Cavs 3-2, but won the next two games to advance to the Eastern Conference finals against the Heat.

Game six is scheduled for Saturday in Cleveland.

Reaction of Cleveland guard Lebron James on his play in game five:
"Why should I be surprised? I was making a lot of great moves. They are definitely a great defensive team, but I was determined to attack."

Reaction of Cleveland coach Mike Brown on describing James’ play:
"Somebody told me that in the locker room that he scored 29 of our last 30 points and I could not believe it. Everybody keeps asking for more, and he keeps giving more. I feel bad that my words don’t do justice what he did."

Reaction of Detroit coach Flip Saunders on failing to stop James:
"We tried to trap him and get it out of his hands, but he attacked. We’ll definitely have to do something different next time."

My Take: Cleveland coach Mike Brown was absolutely right: words can’t describe James’ play in game five.  But I’ll do my best.

Think Jordan knocking down six first-half three pointers against the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA finals. Yeah, you remember M.J.’s little shrug and smile to the NBC commentators.

Think Magic Johnson tallying 42 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists in game six of the 1979-80 NBA finals.

Think Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins going head-to-head in the 1988 playoffs.

Think Nas’ classic album Illmatic. And think Miles Davis’ impressive record Kind Of Blue.

James’ play in game five was every bit as masterful. Hoop-heads know they witnessed something special, spectacular, and historic.

The man-child was epic. In the fourth quarter and overtime, the Pistons couldn’t stop James even though they knew he was going to take every single shot.  Detroit, of course, is one of the NBA’s best defensive teams.

No defensive scheme worked. No trap succeeded in taking the ball out of James’ hands. No zone formation slowed him down. Nothing.

King James knocked down several amazing jumpers. On one occasion he looked like a 6-8 version of The Professor, going behind his back and undressing Billups before rifling home a jumper from the top of the circle.

Yes, the boys over at  ‘And1’ would have been proud.

He also hit his trade-mark fade from the left side. And James nailed a deep jumper over three Pistons from the right side.


When he wasn’t connecting from the outside, James was steamrolling his way to the basket. He was deliberately putting the onus on the refs to call fouls. Then he coolly stepped to the line and sank his free throws.

James dominated in every way. He silenced the critics who ripped him after game two of the Eastern Conference finals.

Now here’s the question: what will he do for an encore in game six?

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