Saturday , Jun , 02 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Cleveland Cavaliers & San Antonio Spurs Meet In Finals; The Key To Victory

The NBA Finals is set … The Cleveland Cavaliers will represent the Eastern Conference, while the San Antonio Spurs will represent the Western Conference … What must the upstart Cavaliers do to prevail? … And what should the Spurs do to win another NBA Title? … Click here for your NBA Finals preview …

Thirty teams started training camp with one goal in mind: to qualify for the NBA finals.

Eight months later, the and have advanced to the NBA Finals and will compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

The NBA Finals begin on Thursday in San Antonio. Here’s a quick preview.

For Cleveland to win:

1) Their posts have to defend . Cleveland’s coaching staff should fly in Utah’s Mehmet Okur to teach Drew Gooden, Donyell Marhsall, and Anderson Varejao how to slow The Big Fundamental. The Cavs have a chance if they can contain Duncan and force other Spurs to pick up the scoring.

2) has to continue dominating every aspect of the game. The King has to rebound, defend, score, set-up others, and, if necessary, stare down an opponent after a hard foul. Plain and simple: James has to do it all and impose his will on the Spurs.

3) Their shooters have to make shots. , Damon Jones, and have to punish the Spurs when they double-team and trap LeBron James.

4) They have to get over their nerves and play like an experienced team. This is easier said than done, especially with such a young team. But the Cavaliers can’t get intimidated by the pressure of being in the Finals or by the Spurs. They knocked off a great Detroit team and deserve to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

For San Antonio to win:

1) They have to slow down James. This is no simple task. In fact, it may be impossible. But the Spurs pride themselves on their stingy defense, so coach Popovich and his assistants must devise a scheme that limits James’ influence on the game. Look for Bruce Bowen, the league’s best perimeter defender, to match-up with James.

2) has to deliver a great series. When the Argentine is on, the Spurs usually win. However, when he’s off, the Spurs usually come up short and lose. Ginobili has to attack the basket with his trademark left-handed drives and compete on defense. Basically, he has to be an irritant and get under the skin of Cleveland’s players.

3) and must provide scoring support for The Big Three. San Antonio is virtually unbeatable when their blending stars, Finley and Oberto, score 10 points or more.

4) must wake up from his season long slumber, cheap shots on Steve Nash aside, and prove why he earned the nickname Big shot Bob. A game-winning three or clutch rebound would come in handy for the Spurs.

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