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You vote, Head-To-Head: LeBron James or Tim Duncan?

The NBA finals is upon us, so now is the perfect time for another edition of HoopsVibe’s head-to-head series … We’re comparing superstars, so do you prefer Cleveland’s LeBron James or San Antonio’s Tim Duncan? … Weigh-in with your vote and decide which NBA finalist has the best superstar ….

You vote, Head-To-Head: LeBron James or Tim Duncan?At HoopsVibe, we always debate the hottest issues in The Association. With and set to face off in the NBA Finals, we decided to drop another of our world famous head-to-head series.

Over the next few days, we’ll compare different aspects of the Cavs and Spurs. And we want you, the fans, to decide who has the edge by posting your votes in the comment box below.

Of course, we start our head-to-head series by comparing superstars. The NBA Finals pits against .

These two play different positions and have different games. But we still want you to decide which team has the best superstar and an edge in the upcoming finals.

So who do you prefer: James or Duncan?

Candidate #1: LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Argument for James:

1) He’s the NBA’s best athlete. James is half- linebacker, half-baller, weighing in at 250 pounds and standing at 6-8. He does things on the basketball court that have never been done before.

2) He’s always flirting with a triple-double. James, to me, is the reincarnation of Oscar Robertson, often posting double-figures in points, rebounds, and assists. King James dominates all aspects of his court with a wicked all-round game.

3) He possesses a strong basketball IQ. James has great vision and court sense. His passes often lead directly an assist or they create great ball movement, setting up an easy basket.

4) He’s a true leader. James defends teammates and creates a culture of accountability by accepting responsibility instead of blaming others. This is remarkable when you consider that James is only 22-years old.

5) He can dominate games like MJ, Bird, and Magic. James’ 48 points in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals showed he can play at a level few can match.

Argument against James:

1) He hasn’t fully developed his outside shot. Some critics feel James could have done more to improve his outside stroke.

Candidate #2: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs.

Argument for Tim Duncan:

1) He’s arguably the NBA’s best player. Over the last decade, Duncan’s won three NBA Titles, advanced to the finals four times, and his Spurs are always extremely competitive.

2) He’s one of the all-time greats at power forward. Duncan always averages more than 20 points and 10 rebounds. He shoots a high percentage and involves teammates.

3) He plays both ways. Duncan is a terrific individual and team defender. This year, he was a finalist for defensive player of the year. Few superstars play defense like Timmy D.

4) He sets a professional tone for the Spurs. Duncan is a true workhouse. He’s always looking to improve and get better.

San Antonio guard Brent Barry often tells this story. A few years back, when he was an unrestricted free-agent, the Spurs flew him into San Antonio to try to and sign him. It’s the middle of July. The front office execs are showing Barry the team’s practice facility. Who does he see working out and running fitness drills on the court? You guessed it, Duncan.

Argument against Duncan:

1) He’s not a great free throw shooter. Duncan sometimes struggles to make his free throws.

Time for you to decide the winner. Post your vote in the comment box below. will tally your votes and announce the results later in the week.

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