Wednesday , Jun , 06 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Greg Oden Preparing Himself For The Pros

Everybody is talking about the impact Greg Oden will have in the NBA … Now read the official Oden blog and find out how he feels about leaving Ohio State for the pro game …. Click here …

, the NBA’s next great center, says goodbye to Ohio State University:

It is the last week at The Ohio State University. It is finals week everybody is studying, trying to pass their classes, and all I have to do is go to the dentist. I am going to miss it so much, when September comes around next year I’ll be in pre-season, and my peers will be meeting back up for another go around at this college thing. To be honest it is so much more than that, it the place when you get fed up of being with your parents, you get to get away, not just being the place where you recieve higher learning in school but as a woman or man. You get to see things that one wouldn’t even know about in high school. Meet new people everyday, people who may turn out to be life long friends.

Even though I didn’t live the normal college life most kids do, Ohio State being a football school, allowed me to be as normal as possible that is until after the national championship. I will always be grateful to Columbus, OH and every Buckeye for that. I dont know when but I will get my degree and be apart of this Buckeye Nation. I will work out with Coach Majors for the last time, have lunch with Coach Matta, and say goodbye to all my friends who are left in Columbus. I say all thats left because everyone else is ready to leave but me I’m wanting to stay and enjoy this because you cant get it back. I’m about to be put in a man’s world, letting go of that kid in me is hard.

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