Wednesday , Jun , 06 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Billy Donovan & Orlando Magic Reach Agreement In Principal

It is almost over … Donovan & the Magic are almost ready to part ways … Why is the NBA ban important to both Donovan & Orlando? Who will be the next coach of the Magic? Click here for all your details …

This morning, ESPN is reporting the Billy Donovan-Orlando Magic saga is almost over:

Billy Donovan and the are getting closer to finalizing their divorce.

An agreement in principle has been reached that would get Donovan out of his deal with the Magic, and negotiations could conclude as soon as Wednesday, sources have told ESPN’s Kelly Naqi.

Multiple sources told’s Andy Katz that Donovan and the Magic have agreed upon a non-compete clause, requiring Donovan to refrain from coaching in the NBA for five years as one of the terms of his release from the contract. The clause would allay any of Orlando’s concerns that Donovan could accept another NBA job in the near future. But sources said Donovan also wanted the clause in the contract to assure recruits that he wouldn’t be leaving the University of Florida.

My Quick Take:
Both sides are posturing at this point. Donovan is trying to save face. As reported by ESPN, he wants the ban to reassure his recruits he won’t leave Florida for the next available NBA coaching job.

Donovan has apparently called several Magic officials to apologize. He knows his rep has taken a hit over the last few days.

The Magic moved on days ago and are now looking at hiring Stan Van Gundy as their next coach. But they can’t just let Donovan walk. This ordeal has been embarrassing to the Magic franchise and they need a public victory to restore their image.

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