Thursday , Jun , 07 , 2007 Oly Sandor

LeBron James Has A Fan In Dwyane Wade

First His Airness showed love … Now Flash is getting in on the action … Dwyane Wade, of the Miami Heat, has been incredibly impressed with LeBron James’ post-season … Read Wade’s quotes and find out why Flash and King James’ friendship is good for USA Basketball …

The Associated Press reports that , last season’s playoff MVP, has been impressed with LeBron James’ play:

”He’s one of the best players in the world,” Wade said Tuesday. ”There’s not much you have to say.”

Still, there’s plenty of dialogue between the two stars.

Wade offered James some counsel during this year’s Cleveland-Detroit series for the East title. The Heat played the Pistons the last two years for the conference title, splitting those matchups. ‘

‘It’s been rumoured out there that I talked to him throughout the Detroit series a little bit, kind of what he did for me last year,” Wade said. ”I just gave him some pointers from my point of view on what I’d seen and from playing Detroit before. He knows what to do.”

"‘He knows how to handle everything,” Wade said. ”He knows how to handle the pressure people put on him. He’s done it. In four years, he’s in the finals. No one would have projected that.”

Wade was the undisputed star of last season’s NBA finals, averaging 34.7 points for the Heat in their six-game win over the Dallas Mavericks.

My Quick Take: Wade isn’t just jumping on the LeBron bandwagon. Remember, these two were teammates and co-captains of the American national team that played in last summer’s FIBA World Championship.

By all reports, they genuinely like each other. And they are fans of each other’s game.

This friendship is a positive for USA Basketball because they’ll need both Flash and King James to recapture their place on top of the basketball world.

In the past, American teams have had problems with rivalries that stem from the NBA. For example, Michael Jordan threatened to quit the 1992 Dream Team if Isiah Thomas was given a roster spot. Jordan, of course, was the world’s most popular athlete, so Thomas was left off of the American team.

Times have changed. USA Basketball no longer dominates international competitions. They’ll need all their stars, like Wade and James, to play at the 2008 Olympics in China.

I’m also looking forward to next year’s playoffs when Wade is hopefully healthy enough to lead his Heat against James and the Cavs.

It would be pretty special to see Wade, at his best like in 2006, going up against James. The dream will have to wait until next year. Right now, Wade is like the rest of us-he can only watch the King perform.

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