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LeBron James & Cleveland Cavaliers Can Compete With San Antonio Spurs, Must Make These Adjustments

The Cleveland Cavaliers would like to forget game one of the NBA Finals … Don’t be discouraged Cavalier fans … With a few tweaks and adjustments, King James and his court can get back in the NBA Finals … Click here for this story …

The had problems in game one of the NBA Finals. However, all is not lost. Cleveland can get back in the series, but they must make these adjustments for game two on Sunday:

1) The Cavaliers should relieve of his ball handling duties. In game one, he over-handled the rock and struggled with the Spurs’ trapping defense off pick-and-rolls.

This is understandable. After all, plays outstanding defense.

So King James and Cleveland must change things up for game two. Forget the fade-away jumpers. And forget the one-on-one isolations at the top of the key that draw in extra defenders.

James should start game two off the ball and on the wing. He can then get points by running Bruce Bowen through a series of picks.

Cleveland’s posts, , , and , have wide bodies. James must take advantage of their size and use the screens to get open.

Remember, the fourth quarter of game one? James scored his easiest basket of the night, running his check through a tough screen and then curling quickly to the hoop.

After scoring a few baskets on the wing, James can start facilitating for others.

2) Mike Brown, Cleveland’s sideline boss, is loyal-perhaps too loyal. Brown’s loyalty is preventing him from seeing something obvious: , the starting point guard, is struggling, while , Hughes’ back up, is on fire.

It’s time for a change. After all, this isn’t a one or two game thing. Gibson has outplayed Hughes for most of the playoffs.

Gibson creates space for James with his outside range. In game one of the NBA Finals, he went 7-for-9 from the floor. In game six of the Eastern Conference finals, he dropped 31 points on the Pistons.

This rookie is the second-coming of B.J. Armstrong.

Hughes has foot problems. He would be better served in a reserve role, playing short spurts at the one, two, and three-spot.

3) Last night, no Cavalier could stop or contain . Mr. Eva Longoria got to the hoop whenever he wanted.

Larry Hughes got burned. And Parker busted a jumper in James’ eye.

Dust off and give the veteran a chance at stopping Parker. He’s still an elite on-the-ball defender. In game five of the Cavs-Pistons series, he held his own against .

Cleveland has nothing to lose. Nobody else on their roster can contain or slow Parker.

4) Cleveland’s posts have to get in foul trouble. They are bigger than The Big Fundamental-listerally speaking, of course. But for some reason, they backed away from contact in game one and let Duncan dictate the tempo with his four first quarter blocks.

This can’t happen on Sunday. Ilgauskas has to score more than two points. And Gooden can’t just take outside shots; he has to attack the basket.

Keep in mind Utah had success when they forced Duncan to the bench with foul trouble.

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