Sunday , Jun , 10 , 2007 Oly Sandor

San Antonio Spurs Guard Tony Parker Kept ‘Focused’ By Eva Longoria

Tony Parker was unstoppable in game one of the NBA Finals, dropping 24 points and seven assists on the Cavs … Parker’s game has reached a whole new level in the playoffs … But why the sudden improvement? … It may have something to do with Longoria’s no-sex during the playoffs policy…

A few weeks ago, the Boston Globe reported that actress Eva Longoria is doing her very best to keep fiancé focused on the post-season:

Eva Longoria will not have sex until her wedding night.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress has imposed a ‘no-sex’ policy on her fiancé Tony Parker until the couple exchange vows in July.

Eva implemented the ban to help basketball star Tony reach the NBA play-offs with the .

She told US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel: "Luckily, we’re getting married after the play-offs and then we need to consummate the marriage. I scheduled it that way." The sex ban seems to be helping Tony’s performance on the court.

Eva, 32, also dismissed rumors the couple chose to marry in Paris on July 7 because it is considered to be a lucky date. She said: "We picked that date because it’s the only weekend we’re both off."

Rick Reilly, a reporter with CNNSI, recently weighed in with his thoughts on this topic:

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has reportedly instituted a no-sex policy with fiancé Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs until their July wedding.

So poor Parker will have to wait two months until he can have sex with Eva. Making him, yeah, still the luckiest guy in America.

My Quick Take: I completely agree with Reilly. Nothing else needs to be said.

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