Wednesday , Jun , 13 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Kobe Bryant Saga Addressed By Johnny Buss On MySpace Page

Johnny Buss, the eldest son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, has weighed in with his thoughts on the Kobe Bryant saga … Johnny posted a unique message for Bryant on his myspace page … Read his thoughts here and get some more analysis on the latest twist in the Kobe saga …

The Los Angeles Times reports that another member of the Buss family, Johnny, has weighed in on the saga by posting a message on his myspace page:

With Jerry, Jim and Jeanie Buss all speaking out about Kobe Bryant in recent weeks, it leaves Janie and Johnny as the only Buss family members not to voice an opinion on the matter. Oh, wait. Make that just Janie.

Johnny Buss, the oldest son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, sent a bulletin to friends on his page that contained a peculiar reference to the team’s nine-time All-Star.

"If you’ve been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it’s not really drama … sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that’s all it is," Buss wrote. "Popular or unpopular, when it’s time, it’s time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"

A freelance photographer, Johnny Buss is not part of the Lakers’ front office and holds no decision-making authority in the day-to-day operations of the franchise.

The Lakers have no plans to trade Bryant, who two weeks ago said publicly he would like to be traded.

{{My Quick Take:}} The Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant have trust issues-they’re like two jilted lovers trying to get back together after a nasty spat in front of family, friends, and colleagues.

No member of the Buss family should address this situation because they’ll put what should be a private issue between the Lakers and Kobe back in the public spotlight.

Johnny Buss doesn’t work for the Lakers. But with his last name, he should have known his myspace musings would eventually become public knowledge.

Here’s why: Right now, after last week’s radio interviews, Bryant is must-see television. He’s a reality show. He’s a public circus and a spectacle.

The public has an insatiable appetite for information on Kobe Bean.

This isn’t fair. But it goes with the territory of being a high profile, mega-star in the entertainment capital of the world. Any piece of information makes the news.

By speaking up, the Buss family continue to provoke an already tense Bryant and cause further embarrassment to the purple-and-gold.

 What happens if these sorts of comments cause Bryant to reconsider his trade demand or opt out of his contract?

After all, according to Johnny Buss: "when it’s time, it’s time." 

Again, there are already enough trust issues to keep Dr. Phil and Anthony Robbins busy for a decade, so something, anything could push Bryant over the edge.

And, seriously, does Johnny Buss really think trading Kobe Bryant is a simple business transaction-like switching accountants or selling a stock?

First off, the Lakers will not get equal value for Bryant in a trade. It’s not possible to get back equal value for this kind of talent. I don’t even know how they could even up the salaries with another team.

Second, the Lakers are screwed if Bryant opts out of his contract in two years and, out of spite, takes less money to play for another team. Los Angeles would get NOTHING in return.

Third, if Bryant leaves L.A., the Lakers would suffer a loss of prestige. Not to mention the hate Laker-nation would feel towards their team and the Buss ownership group. Bottom line: Be careful what you wish for.

Los Angeles and Bryant need time out of the spotlight. They must carefully consider their future. Comments on myspace pages seem harmless, especially when Johnny Buss doesn’t work for the Lakers, but they certainly don’t help the team or their superstar move forward.

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