Thursday , Jun , 14 , 2007 Oly Sandor

San Antonio Spurs Surpassing Shaquille O’Neal-Kobe Bryant led Los Angeles Lakers According To Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher believes the Spurs are passing his old Laker team in terms of greatness … D-Fish also weighs in on the Shaq-Kobe break-up and what destroyed the Lakers … Read this story and give us your take …

Adrian Wojnarowski, a writer with, reports on comparing the to his old Los Angeles Lakers:

Horry’s old teammate with the Lakers, Derek Fisher, was in Cleveland to talk about an NBA Players Association initiative to feed one million people in Africa this summer. Yet, he had to sigh and make a concession about who truly had dominated the decade. San Antonio’s four titles in nine years, the staying power of three in the past five, has sold Fisher on the Spurs.

"I hate to say it, but they’re surpassing us," said Fisher, whose Jazz lost to San Antonio in the Western Conference finals. "They have become the class of the league."

Most agree that these Spurs are the best of San Antonio’s four championship teams, and yet Horry doesn’t believe they measure with the Lakers’ 2001 title winner. "If I had to pick one team, it would be (2001) when we swept everyone except for Philly," Horry said. "That team was pretty awesome. It was like a locomotive coming through with no brakes."

Eventually, L.A. crashed. San Antonio has a selfless star in Tim Duncan who, at 31, has a chance to be the cornerstone of more championships. Parker and Ginobili understand they are complementary parts and embrace Duncan’s greatness. And Horry said he never sees his Spurs teammates wearing rings. They never talk about titles, about where they fit into history. And most of all, there’s never even a suggestion jealousy over the salary or stature of the superstar.

"Money hurt that (Lakers) team," Horry said. "It came down to this guy wanted this much money, that guy wanted this much money. Those two guys (Shaq and Kobe) wanted to be the top dog and forgot about the other guys. It all boiled down to money. Money is the root of all evil sometimes.

"Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees. They didn’t win that championship against Detroit (in 2004), and they said, ‘OK, (Karl) Malone you’re injured, bye. (Gary) Payton, you’re too old, bye. Shaq, you want too much money, bye.’ "

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