Saturday , Jun , 16 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Kobe Bryant & Ronaldhino Chilling In Barcelona; Watch Their Highlights

Yesterday, Mr. Basketball and Mr. Soccer met in Spain … NBA star Kobe Bryant and soccer legend Ronaldhino hung for a moment after a Barcelona Barca training session … Has their ever been two more talented athletes chilling together? … Don’t believe me? Watch their highlights and get at hoopsvibe with a comment …

One dominates NBA basketball. The other plays pro soccer like he’s rolling with The Professor and the AND1 crew.

What am I talking about? You guessed it-the news that Kobe Bean Bryant and Ronaldinho met in Barcelona, Spain.

Check the Houston Chronicle’s report:

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant made a surprise visit to watch FC Barcelona in training in Barcelona, Spain, before the team’s final game this weekend.

Bryant, who lived in Europe for eight years and is an avid soccer fan, watched from the sidelines and hugged Barcelona midfielder Ronaldinho after the training session.

"I came to enjoy my favorite football team," Bryant said after security guards let him into the Nou Camp stadium. "It is a privilege to be able to watch Barca train."

My Quick Take: These two cats are human highlight films-no disrespect Dominique Wilkins. And this news story provides a perfect excuse to show Kobe Bean and Ronaldinho highlights.

First up, the mixtape. So forget about all that drama and noise in Laker-land and remind yourself what #24 does best:

Now take a look at Ronaldinho’s Touch of Gold Nike commercial. Some of you may not feel soccer, but this is an absolutely sic display of skill. So recognize talent.  And remember Kobe, one of the world’s most talented ballers, showed this man love, so keep an open mind:

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