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You Vote: Trade Kobe Bryant Or Trade The Buss Family?

HoopsVibe wants your opinion! … Trade Kobe Bryant or trade Jerry Buss and his family, who own the Lakers … We want you to pick between these two feuding factions … Read the article and enter your vote for either Bryant or Buss in the comment box …

It’s pretty clear changes are coming down the pipe in Laker-land. And appears to be on his way out. But should it be this way? Should Kobe Bryant have to leave the purple-and-gold?

After all, Kobe Bryant is the . There’s no other way to slice it. Could you really see Kobe in another NBA uniform?

At hoopsVibe, we are presenting another option. What about keeping Bryant in L.A. and  trading the entire Buss family, who own the Lakers?

That’ right- keep the all-star and trade the owner. Tell the Buss clan, all eleven of them and their random myspace pages, to take a hike.

We want you to pick between Kobe and the Buss family? Read the quick case for each side and enter your vote/thoughts in the comment box below. We will tally the votes and get back to you with the results.

Candidate #1: Kobe Bryant, superstar guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Quick Resume:

-A three time world champion.
-Considered the world’s most talented basketball player.
-A perennial all-star and member of the All-NBA team.

Reason for Trade: Bryant has requested a deal out of Los Angeles because the team hasn’t had any success in the last few seasons. He’s frustrated with the direction of the team. For what it is worth, the Lakers publicly maintain that Bryant will not be traded.

Candidate #2: Jerry Buss and his entire  family, owners of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Quick Resume:

-The long-time owner of the Lakers.
-You also know him as the guy with the ‘stash’ who takes the Larry O’Brien trophy from Commissioner Stern when his team wins the NBA Title.
-A rich playboy who gives his children jobs within the organization.

Reason for Trade: Laker fans believe they win NBA Titles in spite of the Buss family and not because of them. Many fans feel Buss is running the team into the ground.

Okay, we’ve laid out both sides. Who would you trade: Bryant or the Buss family? Get at us with your votes and thoughts in the comment box below. We’ll tally your votes and get at back at you with the results!

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