Sunday , Jun , 17 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Tim Duncan Cashing In On San Antonio Spurs’ NBA Title

The smoke from San Antonio’s celebration is clearing … And, in true Spur-fashion, the best organization in sports is already scheming on future NBA Titles … First order of business: sign superstar Tim Duncan to a two-year, $50 million extension … Get this story here and read why Timmy D is a true max guy, who is worth every penny …

The San Antonio Express News is reporting that the Spurs are looking to ink to a massive contract extension:

Holt also is particularly happy to have Duncan, which is why the team is expected to discuss offering him a two-year extension that will approach $50 million. Signing an extension would prevent Duncan from opting out of his contract after next season and keep him with the team through 2011-12.

"I want Tim to stay here as long as Tim wants to stay here," Holt said. "I mean that sincerely. Just like David (Robinson). I want him to retire with us."

Duncan said before the Finals he hopes to play as long as possible and appears to be willing to at least discuss such a deal.

 "The flame has certainly not burned out for Tim," Popovich said. "He is just as competitive as he was the day he came in.

 "In a way, we enjoyed this (championship) together more than the previous ones because as you go through it, you realize how hard it is, how many things have to go your way, and the fact that it happened again just stuns us both."

My Quick Take: The Big Fundamental will have to change his nickname to The Big Pay Check or Timmy Bling, Bling.

No doubt about it-Duncan deserves the money. He’s a max player, a superstar, a true franchise guy.

It wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, during the mid-nineties, every quasi-star was receiving crazy cash. Keith Van Horn got paid. Shareef Abdur-Rahim got his. Being a Vancouver guy, I cried when Dictator Stern’s right hand man, Stu Jackson, then GM of the Grizzlies, gave Bryant Reeves 66 million dollars for half a season’s work. Of course, Reeves laughed all the way to the bank-and then to the bakery, where he stayed for the rest of his career.

There were others. Think back on how many average ballers were paid superstar money.

Today, times are different. Teams are smarter with their money. The days of NBA franchises having endless revenue streams is over-finished like companies and boy bands.

The Spurs are the model franchise for this new fiscally sound NBA. They are generous when doling out salaries, but  never overpay.

In fact, Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford rarely sign players to bad contracts-yeah, I remember Rasho Nesterovic. But when he fell out of the rotation, they quickly quickly got his deal off the books, sending the post to the Raptors.  And, to be fair, Nesterovic is enjoying a renaissance with Toronto.

Bottom line: Duncan won’t change even if his tax bracket does. That’s why the Spurs will reward him with a 50 million dollar contract.

Timmy, Bling Bling-kind of catchy, huh? On second thought, I’m sure Duncan and the Spur-nation are just fine with The Big Fundamental.

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