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Kobe Bryant Not Mentioned In Letter To Laker Season Ticket Holders

Over the weekend, Laker fans received a letter from owner Jerry Buss … The on-going Kobe Bryant saga wasn’t mentioned, but he tried to reassure fans that the club is dedicated to winning … Read all of the letter and weigh in-do you think Buss and the Lakers are dedicated to winning? …

Over the weekend, Dr. Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, sent this letter to season ticket holders:

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support of the Lakers. Recently many of our Season Ticket Holders took the time to contact us at [email protected] We appreciate Season Tickets Holders taking time to us and express their thoughts, concerns, frustrations and support.

Following every Lakers season. We review each aspect of our organization, top to bottom, looking for areas needing improvement. At the recent conclusion of last season, a great many of you called our offices to offer your thoughts on our basketball squad. Many of you wished to speak to me directly. In order to hear your thoughts, we set up the aforementioned email address so you had a method to connect with both me and the organization.

Every single email we received to our new address has been read. While I did not read each email, I read a great many. Our staff is in the process of responding to any business question or concern you raised. This includes issues pertaining to your season ticket account (ticket prices, season ticket renewal deadlines, ticket upgrades, etc.) as well as any questions you may have relative to our media policies.

 The main purpose of this letter is to address your overriding concerns or questions of the basketball side of the Lakers organization.

You want to win. We want to win. We are on the same page. During my 28 years of ownership the Lakers have been to the playoffs 26 times. Lakers teams under my ownership have gone to the finals 12 times and won eight championships. Merely qualifying for the playoffs is certainly an accomplishment; however, we all want more. That said, and we know this from experience, making it to the finals is never easy, and winning it all is even harder.

Our goal has been, and remains to be, to build the Lakers into a team that can regularly compete for championships. I believe that we have always shown a willingness to do what needs to be done and spend what needs to be spent to deliver you championship caliber basketball. We remain committed to that philosophy.

We’re glad you are committed too. When I heard of the volume of calls we were receiving, I was not surprised at all. I have never known a more passionate group of fans than those that support the Los Angeles Lakers. Again thank you for your passion.

We have decided to keep our new email address active and will monitor the emails we receive. It’s important that we hear from you.

 Winning eight NBA Championships is a result of not only hard work, but also being observant and listening to good people with good instincts who offer good advice. On behalf of the Lakers organization, I want to thank you for your input and advice. Sharing your instincts and feelings, and for supporting the Lakers family – of which you are an integral part as we strive for our next championship season.

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