Tuesday , Jun , 19 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Why The Phoenix Suns May Trade Shawn Marion For Antawn Jamison

There are reports the Suns are considering trading Shawn Marion to the Wizards for Antawn Jamison … Why would the Suns move their best athlete and defender? … Get your analysis right here ….

Peter Vescey, a reporter with the New York Post reports, that the Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards are talking about swapping for :

Because probably they can acquire someone like Antawn Jamison (one year left at $17.4M) for Randolph ($13.3M/$14.6M/$16M/$17.3M). Should Oden be the pull, surely Portland will go out of its way to unload Joel Przybilla’s four-year, $26M obligation. Word has it the Wizards and Suns are discussing a Jamison-Shawn Marion swap as well.

My Quick Take: Most of you know I’m from Vancouver, Canada. This is where grew up. So we get tons of coverage on the . Last year,  a lot of Sun games were shown on television.

We also hear things- all kinds of rumors, gossip, and innuendo. Mainstream media has been reporting that the Suns will make changes because of chemistry issues.

Owner Robert Sarver also has concerns with the team being over the salary cap and doesn’t want to pay the luxury tax. Remember, Sarver let Joe Johnson walk two years back because of cap concerns. True, the Suns got as compensation, but I also like Johnson’s game.

Two weeks back, Sarver, Coach Mike D’Antoni, and new GM Steve Kerr met at the owner’s ranch to plot out a strategy for the off-season. They wanted to get cheaper and improve chemistry.

Marion is the guy they’ll look to move. He’s scheduled to pull in max money for the next three seasons and has clashed with D’Antoni over his role on the team. Jamison’s max deal expires in two years and he does a better job of deferring to his teammates.

On the surface, by dealing Marion, Phoenix accomplishes both goals of improving chemistry and getting cheaper.

But moving the forward is a risk. He is so important to the Suns run-and-gun game. Nobody gets up the floor as fast as The Matrix, which puts pressure on opponents. Keep in mind he’s also the team’s best defender.

Phoenix must be careful when negotiating trades for Marion. The wrong deal could destroy 7 seconds to shoot.

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