Tuesday , Jun , 19 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Kevin Garnett Rumor Shows Boston Celtics & Minnesota Timberwolves Have Direction

Boston and Minnesota have talked about a deal involving Kevin Garnett … Will the deal work? … Who knows? … What’s important is that the Celtics and Wolves finally seem to have direction … Click here for this story and analysis …

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald reports that the Celtics have called the Timberwolves to ask about ’s availability:

Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge acknowledged yesterday that he has talked with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a potential trade for Kevin Garnett.

However, Ainge refused to comment about a published report that had the Celts shipping Al Jefferson [stats], Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair [stats], Theo Ratliff [stats] and the fifth pick in next week’s NBA draft for the All-Star forward.

A league source confirmed the teams have talked but are not close to a deal.

Ainge added that based on conversations and calls from other teams, he has not heard a proposal that would make him part with the No. 5 pick. “

A lot of people attempt to make trades for that pick that are one-sided,” he said. “So there’s nothing going on for the pick yet.”

My Quick Take: I’m not going to comment on which team would win this rumored deal. I want to acknowledge something else. and finally appear to have some direction.

Yes, direction. For the last few years, these two franchises have operated without a plan. The Celtics couldn’t decide if they wanted to go with their prospects or build around , while the Wolves looked more like lost puppies since qualifying for the Western Conference finals in 2004.

Without direction, NBA teams get stuck in the worst place possible-the middle.

At least a losing team usually secures high draft picks. And a contending team, like Detroit or San Antonio, build around a couple of stars and attract top blending players.

However, the middle is the NBA’s version of purgatory. Mediocre teams won’t win a playoff round or secure a decent lottery pick. Being average sucks.

So hoop heads in Boston and Minnesota should be pleased their teams appear to have some sort of plan. For the last few years, the Celtics have been stuck in the middle of the pack, but this season they bottomed out. Now they want Kevin Garnett to team with Paul Pierce-or perhaps Kobe Bryant? And the Wolves finally realize it’s time to move The Big Ticket.

Direction isn’t a bad thing. had a decent second-half run after realizing The Answer wasn’t the answer and sending to Denver.

Boston and Minnesota must have watched Philadelphia, formulated a plan of their own, and now appear ready to take action. In the NBA, nothing is worse then mediocrity.

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