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Los Angeles Lakers Trading Kobe Bryant To Chicago Bulls? Not Likely!

The Kobe to Chicago rumor won’t die … Is it #24’s destiny to take over for #23? … Well, let’s look at the argument for and against Bryant ending up in The Windy City … Click here for analysis …

For the last few weeks, websites, newspapers, talk radio, and water-coolers have scrutinized every detail of the saga.

We’ve had dramatic radio interviews. We’ve had a Phil Jackson intervention. We’ve had a not-so secret rendezvous in Spain. And we’ve even had reports of blackmail over a bizarre video filmed on a cell phone.

The media has fixated on every twist, turn, and new revelation. I’m guilty of this, too. No doubt about it.

Still, little is known. And even less has been confirmed. But one trade rumor won’t die. It keeps fighting for life like the villain in an old school Kung Fu movie.

The deal: Kobe Bryant to the .

Let’s weigh the evidence and investigate the romantic notion of Kobe Bean taking flight like Mike in the Windy City.

Argument For Kobe Heading to Chicago:

1) The Los Angeles Lakers won’t trade Bryant to another team in the Western Conference. They don’t want him coming back on the regular and dropping 50 or 81 in front of the crowd at Staples Center. Last time I checked Chicago plays in the East.

2) Kobe and Chicago have history. Three years back, when Bryant was a free agent, he met with the Bulls-camp in L.A. Everybody got along. #24 was impressed with the Bulls keeping their meeting secret from the press for eight days. Confidentiality doesn’t exist with the purple-and-gold.

However, L.A., as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, could offer Bryant 30 million dollars more than Chicago. The superstar took the money and stayed in Hollywood. After all, it would be extremely difficult to leave that type of cash on the table.

3) Bryant has been dubbed The Next Jordan. Fair or not, right or wrong, the comparisons have been made. Fate is a powerful thing. There’s a view that Bryant would be fulfilling his destiny by heading to Chicago.

Argument Against Kobe Heading To Chicago:

1) Scott Skiles is old school. Chicago’s coach once fought Shaq in practice when they were teammates with Orlando. Skiles is six feet tall and 190 pounds, while Shaq is seven feet tall and, well, weighs a lot. Last year, Skiles benched Ben Wallace and his sixty million dollar contract for the heinous crime of wearing a headband.

Skiles appreciates talent. And Bryant certainly possesses talent, but I don’t know how their personalities would click.

2) Chicago has a good thing going. They’ve got a great young core: , Ben Gordon, , , , and .

Are the Bulls better off trading three or four of these players for Bryant?

3) The Lakers aren’t getting a star back. Remember, L.A. needs a guy to sell to their Hollywood fans. Deng, Gordon, Hinrich, Sefolosha, Nocioni, and Thomas are good basketball players, but none of them are marketable.

The Conclusion: Right now, a Chicago-L.A. deal involving Bryant seems far-fetched. It could happen, but a third team would have to get involved. Keep an eye on or .

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