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Kevin Garnett Says No To Boston Celtics Trade, Eyeing The Phoenix Suns

Kevin Garnett isn’t interested in a trade that would send him to the Boston Celtics …. But The Big Ticket is interested in getting traded and hopes to end up with the Suns … Imagine Garnett and Nash together … Click here for this story and analysis …

Marc Stein, a writer with ESPN, reports that Kevin Garnett has no interest in a trade that would send him to Boston:

The proposed trade that would have sent Kevin Garnett to Boston, agreed to in principle by ex-teammates Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge, was taken off the table Thursday after Garnett got word to the Celtics that he doesn’t want to play for them.

Garnett, according to sources close to the situation, is hoping for a trade to the Phoenix Suns if he has to leave the only team he has ever played for.

"The Boston trade isn’t happening," Garnett’s agent, Andy Miller told’s Chris Sheridan. "If a trade were to happen, that’s not a destination that we’re interested in pursuing."

It appears that Wolves management — McHale and owner Glen Taylor — is prepared for the first time to make a deal that would end the Garnett Era in Minneapolis after 12 seasons. Taylor, according to Wolves sources, has informed Garnett directly of that change in philosophy.

But Garnett will have a stronger-than-usual say in the destination if he is indeed moved before next season because of the ability to opt of his contract in the summer of 2008 and become a free agent just over a year from now if he forfeits his $23 million salary in 2008-09.

Without at least a strong indication that Garnett would be willing to sign an extension with the Celtics, Ainge would be parting with virtually every enticing trade chip Boston has for what amounts to a one-year rental.

My Quick Take: Finally, it looks like a Kevin Garnett trade will happen, freeing The Big Ticket from  Minnesota.

Today, Kevin McHale, the Wolves GM, admitted to listening to offers for Garnett. And K.G.’s camp publicly stated they have no interest in a trade to the Celtics, but left the door open for a deal with another team.

This process should have happened two years ago. Forget about Garnett and Minnesota. I really believe NBA fans want to watch The Big Ticket in the playoffs. He’s one of the all-time greats and nothing has been sadder than seeing his last three seasons go to waste with the hapless Wolves.

Actually, one thing is sadder-that interview Garnett did with John Thompson, where he was so distraught with the losing that he broke down and started to cry on camera. Nobody should think any less of Garnett if he leaves Minnesota.

Stein argues that Garnett wants to play for Phoenix. Wow. What a thought. KG and Nash. Stein is correct when reporting that the two MVPs are good friends.

Garnett  was the first person to call Nash after he won the 2005 MVP award. In fact, KG nicknamed him 05, referring to Nash’s 2005 MVP win.

The stumbling block for this deal is simple. The Suns are offering Shawn Marion and picks, while the Wolves are holding out for Amare Stoudemire.

Eventually one side will give in. And Garnett, after a three year absence, should find himself back in the playoffs, catching dimes from Nash.

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