Friday , Jun , 22 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Boston Celtics Would Have Been Right To Trade For Kevin Garnett

Yes, Garnett kyboshed Boston, refusing a trade to the Celtics … But some believed Boston shouldn’t have traded for K.G. because they would have had to give up Al Jefferson … So keep Jefferson for the future or go with Garnett and Pierce? … Click here for news and analysis …

Gerry Callahan, a writer with the Boston Herald is relieved the Celtics didn’t mortgage the future for Kevin Garnett:

Naturally, one of the reasons so many people are excited about this potential trade is – you guessed it – it will make the Celtics relevant again. They won 24 games last year. This move could get them into the 30s, maybe all the way to 40. Maybe KG could even get them into the playoffs, where they would get eliminated quicker than Pacman Jones on “Jeopardy!”

My Take: I agree with some of Callahan’s argument. He believes Ainge is desperate to make the Celts relevant again. And desperation is never a good thing.

The beginning of his article reminisces on 1994, when the green-and-white tried to sell their signing of Dominique Wilkins to the Boston media. The local scribes like Callahan weren’t having it-and rightfully so. Wilkins, at 34 years old, was no longer the human highlight film.

Callahan believes the green-and-white would be doing the same thing if they had acquired . They would have been pedaling desperation. He points out The Big Ticket is a better player than Wilkins, but still sees it as the wrong move. would have been giving up too much by dealing a young for an older Garnett.

I disagree. But not with Callahan’s assessment of Jefferson. He’s a star in the making. I caught twenty-thirty Celtic games on the box last year. During the first half of the regular season, Jefferson was pretty good. But during the second half of the regular season, he was excellent.

The young power forward lost weight by cutting fried foods from his diet. This improved his quickness and I think Jefferson could eventually be an Elton Brand type of post.

It’s a moot point since Garnett vetoed Boston. But let’s pretend Ainge could have acquired and inked The Big Ticket to an extension. Then Boston absolutely should have made this trade-even if it meant including Jefferson.

Right now, the Celtics are irrelevant. A major move is necessary to shake years of apathy out of the organization. A Garnett and combo would have provided an immediate spark. Throw in , , and . Add a couple of free agents. And the green-and-white would have been back.

Sure, as Garnett and Pierce aged, the Celtics would have stumbled. No doubt about it. And I’m sure Jefferson would have been dropping 20-10 seasons with his new team. But Boston would have had a few years to develop young players and clear cap space.

K.G. would have helped the Celtics return to prominence and bought them time to figure out the future. 

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