Sunday , Jun , 24 , 2007 Oly Sandor

New Jersey Nets Will Likely Re-sign Vince Carter, Looking At Dealing Richard Jefferson For Zach Randolph

Word is VC will sign a lucrative four year extension with the Nets … But his return has sparked rumors that Jefferson will be dealt to the Blazers for Zach Randolph … Does this rumor make sense? Click here for this story and analysis …

Mitch Lawrence, a writer with the New York Daily News, reports on some developments in New Jersey:

Once the Nets get Vince Carter’s signature on a four-year, $60 million contract, insiders say they’ll investigate making a move for Portland’s Zach Randolph. It’s no surprise that they’re leery of Randolph’s off-court issues and the fact he has around $60 million left on his contract. But they’ve seen that Carter can only get them so far in the playoffs. Randolph’s post presence would give them an attractive alternative, while his board work is something they definitely could use. To get him, they’d have to send a big package to the Blazers, starting with Richard Jefferson, whose development is being hindered by Carter’s presence.

My Quick Take: It’s no surprise will re-sign with . Both the player and organization are comfortable with each other. I think it’s a bit too much money for an inconsistent scorer. But the Nets have to overpay VC to prevent him from exercising his option and becoming a free agent. It’s the cost of doing business.

However, I’m surprised New Jersey wants to move . I’m even more surprised they’re interested in from .

Jefferson is slightly overpaid, pulling in a max salary. However, he’s extremely versatile and usually comes up big in the postseason. The small forward had several strong games against Toronto in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

I don’t believe Jefferson’s development is being blocked by Carter. These two are different players and complement each other quite well.

Randolph is a risk. Sure, the Nets need low post scoring. But at what cost? Z-Bo is talented; however, he holds the ball for too long on offense. His individual style doesn’t fit with Brick City’s free-wheeling, pass-first approach.

There’s another complication. Randolph was put on the trading block because everyone assumed Portland would draft center Greg Oden with the first overall pick.

But the Trail Blazers were disappointed with Oden’s pre-draft workout. He looked out of shape. The center even apologized to Portland’s coaching staff and front office for his sub-par performance.

Kevin Durant, the athletic wing, blew Rip City away with his workout. The Blazers’ staff said it was one of the best pre-draft showcases they had ever seen.

Oden is no longer a lock to go to Portland. Right or wrong, fair or not, he may have slipped with his poor workout. If the Blazers select Durant, they’ll need a center and will take Randolph off the trading block.

After all, there would be no room for Jefferson with and Kevin Durant at shooting guard and small forward.

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