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Monday Listed: The NBA Draft’s Biggest Busts #1-5

This edition of Monday Listed looks at the unfortunate and forgettable side of the NBA draft … Forget that Oden or Durant talk and reacquaint yourself with Hopson, Bowie, and the biggest bust in draft history … Enjoy this edition of Monday Listed and get at us with your thoughts and comments …

Monday Listed

#5, Dennis Hopson, G, third overall, New Jersey Nets.

Taken ahead of: Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Reggie Miller, and Mark Jackson.

Claim to Fame: Hopson was supposed to be an NBA star because of his athleticism. However, he was out of the league after five unspectacular seasons.

#4, Chris Washburn, C, third overall, Golden State Warriors.

Taken ahead of: Chuck Person, Ron Harper, Mark Price, and Dennis Rodman.

Claim to Fame: Washburn struggled for three years with his conditioning and never played much with the Warriors. He ended up in Atlanta before getting kicked out of the league for drugs.

#3, Ed O’Bannon, F, ninth overall, New Jersey Nets.

Taken ahead of:
Kurt Thomas, Brent Barry, and Michael Finley.

Claim to Fame:
O’Bannon was a great college player, so the expectations in Jersey were huge. However, the agile forward struggled with injuries and was playing in Europe after just three NBA seasons.

#2, Sam Bowie, C, second overall, Portland Trail Blazers.

Taken ahead of:
Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, Charles Barkley, Kevin Willis, and John Stockton.

Claim to Fame: Bowie had some decent years, but he was taken before His Airness, Sir Charles, and Stockton. Enough said.

#1, Bryant Reeves, C, sixth overall, Vancouver Grizzlies.

Taken ahead of: Damon Stoudemire, Kurt Thomas, Brent Barry, and Michael Finley.

Claim to Fame: Reeves’ lackluster play and ‘large’ presence made it impossible for NBA basketball to survive in Vancouver. His selection killed pro hoops in Van-City. Who was wise enough to draft Big Country Reeves? Stu Jackson, the NBA’s Vice-President of Basketball Operations.

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