Tuesday , Jun , 26 , 2007 Oly Sandor

NBA Draft: The Best Second Round Sleepers

The second round of the NBA draft has definitely produced a few diamonds in the rough … Instead of thinking lottery, scouts are scouring the world in search of a late sleeper … Over the last five years, these second rounders have done big things …

The second round of the NBA draft is no longer an afterthought. Teams can land a legitimate star at the tail end of the draft.

Don’t believe me? Check out the last five years. These second rounders have all done their thing in The Association.

So read on. Then drop your favorite second round sleeper in the comment box below.


Daniel Gibson, G, 42nd overall, Cleveland Cavaliers.

‘Boobie’ emerged during the playoffs, providing Cleveland with clutch shooting and a much-needed folk hero. His outside range and court savvy reminds many of B.J. Armstrong. 

Paul Millsap, F, 47th overall, Utah Jazz.

Accomplishments: Millsap slipped to the second round because he’s only 6-8. This is a touch small for an NBA four-man. However, Millsap’s broad shoulders, long arms, and leaping ability helped him have a great playoff. He’s definitely got potential.


Monta Ellis, G, 40th overall, Golden State Warriors.

Accomplishments: He was apparently too small. And teams weren’t interested in another high school kid-especially one who didn’t look ready for The Association. But Golden State took a chance on the speedy lead guard and it paid off. Ellis was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player for the 2006-07 season. Look for Ellis to develop into a Tony Parker clone.

Ronny Turiaf, F, 37th overall, L.A. Lakers.

Accomplishments: Turiaf hasn’t posted great stats. And his rookie year was interrupted by heart surgery. But he’s such a smart player. With consistent minutes, the Frenchman will develop into a great energy forward. In fact, he reminds me of ….


Anderson Varejao, C, 30th overall, Orlando Magic. Now with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Accomplishments: The Brazilian big provides Cleveland with energy off-the-bench. Varejao competes and plays both ends of the floor. His flopping is Vlade-esque, while his hair reminds fans of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.   


Luke Walton, F, 32nd overall, L.A. Lakers.

Accomplishments: Walton has evolved into a solid three-man. He’s a nice blending player who meshes well with superstars.

Jason Kapono/Kyle Korver, G-F, both 6-7, 31st and 51 overall, Kapono was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s now with the Miami Heat. Korver’s spent his entire career with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Accomplishments: Kapono and Korver have developed into two of the NBA’s best shooters. They’re interchangeable. Kapono had a break out year with the Heat, while Korver has been a fixture for Philly off the bench.


Carlos Boozer, C, 34th overall, Cleveland Cavaliers. Now with the Utah Jazz.

Accomplishments: Boozer established himself as an up-and-coming big with the Cavaliers. After a couple of tough years in Utah, he finally found his mark and brought the Jazz back in 2006-07.

Matt Barnes, F, 45th overall, Memphis Grizzlies. Now with the Golden State Warriors.

Accomplishments: After bouncing around the league, Barnes found his mark last year with the Warriors. Look for ‘The Mohawk’ to cash in as a free agent this summer.

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