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2007 NBA Draft: Analyzing The Entire First Round & More

The NBA draft is winding down … The event certainly lived up to the hype with Oden and Durant being taken first and second overall … But how did the other teams fare with their selections? … Click here for news and analysis …

The 2007 NBA Draft was hot. There’s no other way to describe it. The two franchise guys, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, did their thing at the top of the draft. But the entire night was filled with suspense and intrigue.

Best of all, Spike Lee, the movie director and Knicks fan, called out his fellow New Yorkers for ragging on Isiah Thomas’ past selections in the draft.

This takes guts. After all, the draft was in Manhattan. Spike even got a little heated. I was waiting for Do The Right Thing to look into the camera and start mocking Reggie Miller.

After live-blogging the first ten picks, I took a minute and dropped the rest of the first round.

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The First Round:

Pick/ Team/ Player/ Position/Ht/Wt/ School/Yr.

1) Portland: Greg Oden, C, 7-0, 260 lbs,

Ohio St
, Fr.

My Quick Take: Size over skill. Portland took Oden’s size over Durant’s skill set. The big center is already an excellent defensive player, but his offensive game needs a bit more polish. But the Blazers know it’s easier to win with a center than a swing player.

2) Seattle: Kevin Durant, F, 6-10, 210 lbs, Texas, Fr.

My Quick Take: Durant’s not a bad consolation prize. He’s the most skilled player in this year’s draft. With the Ray Allen trade, the Sonics are re-branding the franchise around their lean forward.

3) Atlanta: Al Horford, F, 6-9, 245 lbs, Florida, Jr.

My Quick Take: The Hawks went big-just not with Amare Stoudemire! Horford’s a nice piece, but Atlanta missed the best forward available and could have used a point guard. Still, Horford’s NBA ready and will make an immediate impact.

4) Memphis: Mike Conley Jr, G, 6-1, 175 lbs,

Ohio St,

My Quick Take: I love Conley’s game. He’s a smart, super-quick point guard with leadership potential. Conley’s also a great decision-maker. Memphis, if everybody stays healthy, could win 20 more games next year.

5) Seattle from Boston: Jeff Green, F, 6-9, 225 lbs, Georgetown, Jr.

My Quick Take: Green’s a great all-round player. He does a little bit of everything. And I like Seattle’s decision to move Ray Allen and go young.

6) Milwaukee: Yi Jianlin, F, 7-0, 245 lbs, Southern China, 20.

My Quick Take: Yi’s a long four-man. He’s incredibly skilled and has a little funk to his game. However, there are questions about Yi’s strength. The bigger question: will he play for Milwaukee?

7) Minnesota: Corey Brewer, G, 6-8, 195 lbs, Florida, Jr.


My Quick Take: Brewer’s an ultra smooth three-man. He plays both ends of the floor and showed character coming back to Florida last year. Minnesota did well with this pick.

8) Charlotte: Brandan Wright, PF, 6-10, 210 lbs, North Carolina, Fr.

My Quick Take: I like this pick. Wright’s rail-thin, but he’s a great athlete and will eventually develop into a solid pro. The Bobcats are loaded with young players. Now they need to spend some money on free agents. 

9) Chicago: Joakim Noah, PF, 6-11, 230 lbs, Florida, PF.

My Quick Take: This is an interesting fit. The Bulls are an up-and-coming team and Noah won two NCAA Titles in Florida. But the Bulls could use a scorer. And Noah lacks offensive polish. On a lighter note: what will Chicago coach Scott Skiles say about Noah’s hair and style? Remember, Skiles wasn’t feeling Ben Wallace’s headband.

10) Sacramento: Spencer Hawes
, C, 230 lbs, Washington, Fr.

My Quick Take: The Throwback. Hawes is a classic, old school big man. I love his post game and passing ability. But he’s not a strong rebounder and athlete.

11) Atlanta: Acie Law, G, 6-3, 185 lbs, Texas A&M, Sr.

My Quick Take: Finally, the Hawks have come correct and taken a one-guard. Law is a solid point guard. I also like his size. Again, Law and Horford could have been Stoudemire, but Atlanta has still done well.

12) Philadelphia: Thaddeus Young, F, 6-8, 220 lbs, Georgia Tech, Fr.


My Quick Take: Young’s a superb athlete, but he needs time to develop. Still, Young and Iguodala will eventually form a nice duo at the guard and small forward spots.

13) New Orleans: Julian Wright, F, 6-9, 220 lbs, Kansas, So.

My Quick Take: Wright’s a great open-court player. He’s not a great shooter, but he does everything else  well. I like Wright on this young and talented Hornet team.

14) L.A. Clippers: Al Thornton, F, 6-8, 220lbs,

Florida St
, Sr.

My Quick Take: Thornton’s athletic and aggressive. At 24, he’s also a lot more mature than most NBA rookies. I hope his work ethic and attitude rid the Clipper teammates.

15) Detroit: Rodney Stuckey, G, 6-4, 205 lbs, Eastern Washington, So.

My Quick Take: Stuckey is a solid combo guard. His body and flair make him a great fit for Motown. There’s room for Stuckey on Detroit’s bench because Carlos Delfino got traded to Toronto.  

16) Washington: Nick Young, G, 6-6, 200 lbs, USC, Jr.

My Quick Take: Young can score, so he’ll fit in with the Wizards’ brand of up-tempo hoops. However, I think Washington may have been better served going big with this pick.

17) New Jersey: Sean Williams, F, 6-9, 220 lbs, BostonCollege, Jr.


My Quick Take: Williams is a super athlete. He’s a great defensive player, but needs work on offense. Williams has had some off-the-court issues with marijuana, but he’s being mentored by John Lucas in Houston. Still, high-risk, high-reward with this pogo stick of a forward.

18) GoldenState: Marco Bellinelli, G, 6-6, 220 lbs, Italy, 21 years old.

My Quick Take: This guy dropped 25 points against the American national team in last year’s World Championship. So you know he can play. Bellinelli is a solid two-guard and will fit in with the Warriors.

19) LA (Lakers): Jarvis Crittenton, G, 6-5, 195 lbs, Georgia Tech, Fr.

My Quick Take: Crittenton has size and can defend. He’s far from a finished product. Still, did the Lakers need another point guard after drafting Farmar last year?

20) Philadelphia from Miami: Jason Smith, F-C, 7-0, 230 lbs, Colorado St, Jr.

My Quick Take: J-Smith’s a great shooter and a solid rebounder. I think he needs to fill-out a bit, but Smith’s going to get minutes with the 76ers.

21) Miami from Philadelphia: Daequan Cook, G, 6-6, 200 lbs, Ohio St, Fr.

My Quick Take: Another Ohio State guy taken in the first round. Miami is rolling the dice on  Cook, who has some outside range and athleticism. He’ll sit for a couple of seasons before getting an opportunity to play.

22) Charlotte: Jared Dudley, F, 6-7, 220 lbs, Boston College, Sr.

My Quick Take:
Dudley’s a gritty, blue-collar player. He’s a hard-worker who could make an immediate impact with Charlotte. Oh yeah, the Bobcats still need to spend some money.

23) NY: Wilson Chandler, F, 6-8, 230 lbs, DePaul, So.

My Quick Take: Chandler can play both forward spots and he’s extremely athletic. There are questions about his game, but Isiah Thomas, the Knicks’ GM, has a solid track record with the draft.

24) Portland from Phoenix: Rudy Fernandez
, G, 6-6, 175 lbs, Spain, 22 years old.

My Quick Take: I love Fernandez. He’s a great all-round scorer, who can drive and shoot. He needs to add strength, but  the Blazers have done well with the Spaniard.

25) Utah: Morris Almond, G, 6-6, 215 lbs, Rice, Sr.

My Quick Take:
The Jazz needed a two-guard and Almond can certainly fill this role. His outside range will work well in Utah’s slow-down, half-court offense.

26) Houston: Aaron Brooks
, G, 6-0, 165 lbs, Oregon St, Jr.

My Quick Take: Brooks is a lightning-quick point guard with some flash. But he’s a little small and the Rockets already have Mike James and Rafer Alston.

27) Detroit: Arron Afflalo, 6-5, 195 lbs, UCLA, Jr.

My Quick Take: Affalo’s a solid all-round player. However, he’s not a great athlete. Still, the former Bruin fits in  with the blue-collar Pistons.

28) San Antonio: Tiago Splitter, F-C, 6-11, 230 lbs, Europe, 22 years old.

My Quick Take: Why mess with success? Once again, the Spurs hit up the international market by drafting Splitter. His status has slipped over the last few years. And Splitter’s buyout fee from his European club will be costly. He’ll help-whenever he does arrive in Texas.

29) Phoenix Suns: Alando Tucker, G-F, 6-5, 205 lbs, Wisconsin, Sr.

My Quick Take: Tucker’s a character guy. He’s also the Big Ten player of the year. But is he a forward or guard? Right or wrong, he’s got hit with the tweener thing.

30) Philadelphia: Petteri Koponen, 6-5, 190 lbs, Finland, 19 years old.

My Quick Take: Helsinki in the house. He’s a youngster and his game has some glaring flaws. The 76ers should encourage Koponen to stay in Europe for another few years.

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