Tuesday , Jul , 03 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Greg Oden Signs With Portland Trail Blazers; Already Developing Chemistry With Teammates

Super rookie Greg Oden wasted no time agreeing to a contract … The big center will now play for Portland’s summer league team … Read how this move will help the Blazers’ young core … Click here for news and analysis …

The Associated Press reports on Greg Oden and the Trail Blazers:

The Portland Trail Blazers have signed No. 1 pick Greg Oden.

According the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, Oden’s deal will be for two years, with team options for the third and fourth seasons. Oden will make $3.885 million as a rookie and $4.176 in Year 2. If they pick up the option in the third year, his salary will be $4.476 million.

Oden, a 7-foot center from Ohio State, signed his contract Sunday and the team announced the deal Monday.

Oden immediately started working out with the other players on Portland‘s summer league roster, impressing teammates with his powerful dunks and ability to block shots.

"One shot I couldn’t block, and he came over my shoulder and blocked it; I was amazed," said power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2006 draft. "And he dunked everything around the rim."

Oden, Aldridge and second-year guard Sergio Rodriguez headline Portland‘s Las Vegas Summer League team, which opens its five-game schedule Friday against the Boston Celtics.

The Trail Blazers also signed second-round picks Josh McRoberts, the forward from Duke, and Florida guard Taurean Green.

Petteri Koponen, the Finnish point guard who was the final pick of the first round, signed a waiver that allows him to play in the summer league.

My Quick Take: Is for real? So far the rookie center has the Midas touch and can do no wrong. He seems too good to be true.

Oden just signed his rookie contract to play for the . No hassles. No controversy. Both sides followed the CBA and got it done early. And by inking his contract in July, he can play for Portland’s summer league team.

This is a positive. The more the Blazers’ young nucleus balls together, the more their chemistry develops. and Oden are going to be quite formidable on the defensive end. I think these summer leagues will help them grow. After all, Aldridge is already going off on the big center’s talent.

Oden’s modest attitude must be refreshing for Portland fans after years of Jail Blazer shenanigans. His approach reminds me of San Antonio’s -which is a positive. After all, Duncan has four rings and I believe Oden will also have some championship jewelry before his career is finished.

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