Wednesday , Jul , 04 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Listed: The NBA’s Best Dancers, Featuring The 2006 All-Stars, Johan Petro, The Golden State Warriors, Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Shammond Williams, Shawn Marion, & Vince Carter

Basketball has always been a game of style and soul … And some NBA players transition quite nicely from the basketball court to the dance floor …. So check out another edition of HoopsVibe The Blog’s Listed, where we count down the NBA’s best dancers …

Yesterday’s version of Listed focused on the NBA’s worst dancers. The lesson: just because a cat can ball doesn’t mean he can dance.

However, some NBA players’ grace and athleticism extends beyond the basketball court. In fact, some of these ballers should go on Dancing With the Stars and make up for Clyde Drexler getting called out.

Here it is. HoopsVibe The Blog presents Listed: the NBA’s best dancers.

#5-The Performers: The 2006 All-Stars.

Why they’re here: The Eastern starters had a Temptations thing going, while the Western starters showed potential with their breaking.

#4-The Performer: Johan Petro, Seattle SuperSonics.

Why he’s here: Petro may be the league’s strongest individual performer. Check out the jacket toss and shoulder shrug to draw the crowd in.  I also liked his upward arm toss.

#3-The Performers: GoldenState Warriors.

Why there here: Mickael Pietrus’ worm. Textbook form-just like the Rock Steady Crew.

#2-The Performers: Shaquille O’Neal featuring LeBron James and Dwight Howard.


Why there here: Shaq’s creativity, specifically the football pass.

#1-The Performers: Shammond Williams and Shawn Marion featuring Vince Carter.

Why there here: showmanship. Take a look at Williams playing to the ref and busting out after blocking a shot. Marion does his thing with the push-up, while V.C. has decent all-around moves.

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