Wednesday , Jul , 04 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Breaking Down Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Interested In Kevin Garnett, Josh Howard & Devin Harris To Minnesota Timberwolves?

Mark Cuban confirmed that the Mavs have their sights on Garnett … The Big Ticket presents a great opportunity for Dallas, but only if they don’t have to give up too much … So what is too much? … Click here for news and analysis …

Mark Cuban confirms to that the Mavericks are interested in acquiring Kevin Garnett.

 Mark Cuban is confirming on the record to that he is involving the Mavs in the Kevin Garnett Sweepstakes "because this is about trying to be opportunistic,” says the team owner, adding that Dallas’ willingness to pursue this deal is not a permanent change in overall philosophy but rather something "dependent on the situation.”

Cuban cuts through a thicket of what members of his staff have for a week referred to as "moving parts” when discussing with us a deal to acquire the Minnesota superstar:

ITEM: We’ve wondered if Dallas falls short in pursuing KG whether this process might also be used as a blueprint to pursue an alternate superstar, such as Kobe, Jermaine O’Neal or Paul Pierce, for example.

o, we asked. "Is this a special-circumstance/one-time deal”?

"Correct,” Mark answered succinctly.

My Quick Take: is a player in ‘The Big Ticket’ sweepstakes. Cuban usually avoids speaking on trade rumors, but something must be in the works if he’s prepared to publicly acknowledge the possibility of bringing in Garnett.

But should the Mavericks swing a major trade after winning 67 games last year? That’s a tough question.

On the one hand, Dallas had a great regular season before losing to a hot team in the opening round of the playoffs. This was a historic upset, but shouldn’t be a fatal blow for the , , and trio. Other teams, like the Payton and Kemp Seattle squads, recovered from horrific losses.

On the other hand, Garnett is a Hall of Fame player and presents a unique opportunity for Dallas to improve. Cuban recognizes this point, so he’s exploring all options. Fair enough.

But will the Mavericks have to give up too much to land K.G.? For example, would Dallas swap Howard and Terry for Garnett? I hope not. That’s too high a price-even for a superstar forward.

Reports indicate that Howard and Devin Harris would probably be part of a package for Garnett. This is a bit more reasonable. However, I love J-Ho’s all-round game and I’ve been impressed with Harris’ speed.

Right now, the Mavericks are an excellent team. They should definitely investigate acquiring Garnett, but must tread cautiously.

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