Sunday , Jul , 08 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Memphis’ Rudy Gay Welcomes Yi Jianlian To The NBA

Yi Jianlian has made a name for himself by refusing to play for the Milwaukee Bucks … He’s currently balling in the NBA’s summer league with a Chinese rep team … Watch Rudy Gay welcome the Chinese prospect to the NBA with a special poster shot … Click here to watch this highlight …

There are many ways to welcome someone to a new job. Most companies hold orientations. This typically consists of an overly-happy HR lady rambling on about the employer’s core values. The new employees then introduce themselves and rattle off some trivial detail like their favorite color. Everyone pretends to be happy.

The NBA has a different welcoming ritual. , after being selected sixth overall in last week’s draft, is a new employee. He’s also notorious. The prospect is refusing to play for the team that drafted him-the .

Yi’s participating in the NBA’s summer league with a touring Chinese ‘rep’ team. In his first summer league game, Yi was given a special welcome courtesy of Memphis’ Rudy Gay.

Watch the video clip below and tell us what you think of Rudy G’s ‘hospitality.’

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