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Who Will Acquire Kevin Garnett: The Dallas Mavericks, The Golden State Warriors, The L.A. Lakers, or the Phoenix Suns?

The Mavericks, Warriors, Lakers, and Suns have emerged as finalists in the Kevin Garnett sweepstakes … So who will end up with K.G.? … And other than improving their win total, why are these teams interested in acquiring The Big Ticket? … Click here for analysis …

NBA fans used to wonder if would get traded. Now NBA fans wonder when and where Kevin Garnett will get traded. 

It’s become a foregone conclusion that will deal The Big Ticket. Four teams have emerged as frontrunners for Garnett’s services: the Dallas Mavericks, the Golden State Warriors, the L.A. Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns.

Trade rumors also reveal a lot about organizations. Interesting facts emerge. Here’s what we’ve discovered about the teams trying to acquire Garnett:

The Dallas Mavericks:

What we’ve learned: Forget last season’s 67 wins. And forget their 2005-06 appearance in the NBA Finals. Dallas is considering all options except trading Dirk Nowitzki.

What’s the problem: The Mavericks lack the right assets. Dallas is apparently offering Josh Howard, Devin Harris, and draft picks for Garnett. The Wolves aren’t interested in Howard’s contract and want something else. A third team would probably have to get involved for a Mavs-Wolves deal to materialize.

Keep in mind: Mark Cuban is a determined SOB. If he wants Garnett, the club will do everything to acquire him.

This deal is personal for Cuban. Don Nelson, GoldenState’s coach, used to work for Cuban in Dallas. Cuban believes Nelson broke his contract with the Mavericks to join the Warriors. So he’s suing Nellie. By acquiring The Big Ticket, Cuban will be preventing Nelson and the Warriors from getting Garnett. Revenge is best served cold.

The Golden State  Warriors:

What we’ve learned: Don Nelson and Chris Mullin are still tinkering. First, they traded Jason Richardson. Now, they’re eyeing The Big Ticket.

Bottom line: Golden State isn’t resting on last season’s success.

What’s the problem:  The Warriors inconsistent history. Will they actually pull this deal off? 

Keep in mind: Golden State has some attractive young players.  And they’re full of surprises-just think back to last year’s playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers:

What we’ve learned: Los Angeles knows they can’t trade Kobe Bryant and get back equal value. Such a thing doesn’t exist. So the Lakers are attempting to appease their current superstar by bringing in another superstar like Garnett.

What’s the problem: The Wolves want prospects for K.G., but Kevin McHale, Minnesota’s GM, isn’t sold on young Andrew Bynum. His trade value nose-dived after last season’s playoffs.

Keep in mind: In two seasons, Bryant can become a free agent by exercising an opt-out clause in his contract. This gives #24 leverage.

The Phoenix Suns:   

What we’ve learned: Phoenix had chemistry issues last season. The specifics remain unknown, but the problem was serious enough for the club to consider a shakeup.

What’s the problem: Phoenix wants to keepAmare Stoudemire. But they would probably have to give up STAT in any trade for Garnett. This is a tough call.

The Big Ticket may be too big a ticket for the Suns. Phoenix wants to shed payroll. Garnett has an expensive contract that calls for a multi-million dollar payment if he’s traded from Minnesota.

Keep in mind: The Suns know they have to swing a deal to capitalize on ’s fine play at point guard. He’s only got a few seasons left.

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