Thursday , Jul , 12 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Scratch That: Milwaukee Bucks Won’t Trade Yi Jianlian To Sacramento Kings

The Yi rumors are floating around The Association … Recently, the Chinese prospect has been linked to the Sacramento Kings … However, the Bucks won’t deal Yi out west … Click here for news and analysis on this story …

Scott Howard-Cooper explores the rumor of  Yi  going to Sacramento:

The Kings also are big-man heavy, with two established players at power forward, Yi’s natural position. But Shareef Abdur-Rahim turns 31 in December, and Kenny Thomas turns 30 on July 25, and neither would appear to have a long-term role in the rebuilding plan.

Sacramento actually fits most of Yi’s desires. It’s a warm-weather city with a diverse population, a welcoming fan base and a short drive to the comfort of the Bay Area and a major Asian market. That, naturally, is important to opportunities his business advisers hope to develop.

The Kings’ style of play also would be an attraction, or at least the style of uptempo play new coach Reggie Theus says he hopes to install. Yi is known for his mobility and smooth shot.

Sacramento faces major hurdles, though, in the possibility of a trade even coming close to reality. Most notably, the Kings have very little to offer that Milwaukee would want. The Bucks already have a skilled shooting guard (Michael Redd), so Kevin Martin doesn’t hold the same lure as for other teams, and a heavy investment in a center (Andrew Bogut), so rookie Spencer Hawes isn’t a great temptation.

My Quick Take: There’s plenty of chatter about Yi wanting to head west to the Sacramento Kings. However, I agree with Howard-Cooper’s take. The Bucks won’t trade Yi to the Kings-or any other team. Here’s why:

1) Yi and his handlers have confused the NBA draft with free agency. The draft is where teams pick players. Free agency is where players pick teams.

The Bucks picked Yi in the draft. In a few years, as a free agent, Yi can pick a team. Not now.

It’s a simple concept that Yi and his handlers have ignored. But the principal behind the concept is not being ignored by the Bucks.

They won’t accommodate Yi’s trade demands. Milwaukee feels they must stand strong to protect the integrity of small market franchises. Fair enough.

2) Milwaukee has no interest in Sacramento’s most marketable assets: Spencer Hawes and Kevin Martin. The Bucks already have Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd at center and shooting guard.

3) If Sacramento keeps Ron Artest, they should play him at the four-spot. Artest’s speed would present problems for opposing power forwards and his handlers, while interesting, aren’t such a pain.

4) The Kings, if they don’t get a new stadium, will move to Kansas City or Oklahoma City. This possibility is not lost on Yi’s handlers. They probably have reservations about their asset ending up in the Midwest

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