Saturday , Jul , 14 , 2007 Oly Sandor

A Day In The Life Of Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge

Ever wonder what NBA GMs actually do? … Some spend their entire life in the office, while others apparently enjoy a little downtime … One NBA fan has videotaped Boston GM Danny Ainge at the office … Watch the clip and tell us if Ainge is a workaholic or slacker …

Most NBA GMs are workaholics. They spend ninety hours each week locked in the office. Their entire existence is dedicated to improving their basketball team.

Fair or not, there’s a perception some GMs don’t possess such a strong work ethic. Die-hard fans phone sports radio shows and question what these high-paid executives actually do.

One NBA fan has videotaped his impression of a typical work day for GM Danny Ainge. You decide if Ainge is a workaholic or slacker.

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