Sunday , Jul , 15 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Grading The NBA’s Biggest Free Agent Signings

Most of the big name free agents have been taken off the market … Hill, Billups, Carter, Stackhouse, Milicic, Wallace, Williams, and Lewis have all signed new, lucrative contracts … But are these deals good investments for the teams? … Click here for this story …

The dust is starting to settle on free agency. Most of the big-names have signed big contracts and  find themselves in new tax brackets. Not a bad problem to have.

But are these massive contracts wise investments? After all, one bad contract can kill an entire franchise. Below is an analysis and grade for the biggest free agent signings of the summer.

#1) The Player: Grant Hill.

The Transaction: Signed with the for two years, 3.8 million dollars.

The Skinny: This is a great pick-up for the Suns. Hill’s a solid veteran, who will help on-and-off the court. Oh yeah, he’s cheap, too, which is always a positive in the salary-cap era.

The Grade: A+.

#2) The Player: Chauncey Billups.

The Transaction: Re-signed with the for 5 years, 60 million dollars.

The Skinny: Detroit got their franchise player on the cheap. Billups, as an elite point guard, could have asked the Pistons for more money. 

The Grade: A-.

#3) The Player: Jerry Stackhouse.

The Transaction: Re-signed with the for three years, 21 million dollars.

The Skinny:  The Mavericks paid fair value to keep one of the NBA’s best reserves. Stackhouse is still a great scorer, who will likely finish his career in Dallas.  

The Grade: B+.

#4) The Player: Vince Carter.

The Transaction: Re-signed with the for 4 years, 62 million dollars.

The Skinny: The Nets and Carter have had some success together. It makes sense that they would extend their relationship. I think the price tag is a bit high, though.

The Grade: B.

#5) The Player: Darko Milicic.

The Transaction: Signed with the for three years, 21 million dollars.

The Skinny: Milicic is a risk, but he should find his way as Memphis’ starting center. The Human Victory Cigar could get the last laugh on the NBA and and light up his own victory cigar.

The Grade: B.

#6) The

Player: Mo Williams.

The Transaction: Re-signed with the Milwaukee Bucks for 6 years, 52 million dollars.

The Skinny: Williams posted great numbers last season and established himself as a top ten point guard. However, he’s more of a scorer than a natural table-setter. And his team struggled last season.

The Grade: B.

#7) The

Player: Gerald Wallace.

The Transaction: Re-signed with the Charlotte Bobcats for 6 years, 57 million dollars.

The Skinny: Wallace is a great energy player; his hustle and effort rubs off on teammates. However, the Cats suddenly have Wallace, Matt Carroll, Jason Richardson, and Adam Morrison at the guard and small-forward positions. Was signing Wallace a necessity?

The Grade: B-.

#8) The Player: Rashard Lewis.

The Transaction: The acquired Lewis in a sign-and-trade. The Magic signed him to a six year, 110 million dollar contract.

The Skinny: The Magic forked out superstar money for Lewis. But the forward is only a star and has no business making ‘max’ money. Still, Lewis should enjoy some success in Orlando.

The Grade: C+.

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