Tuesday , Jul , 17 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Greg Oden Blogs On Attending The ESPN ESPY Awards

Greg Oden blogs on his night with the world’s biggest sports stars at the ESPY Awards … The big center enjoyed the entire show, but appreciated meeting one ‘special’ celebrity … Click here to read Oden’s post

Greg Oden blogs on his night at the ESPY awards:

Well last night was the taping of the ESPY awards. I had a blast. I got to go with Michael Conley Sr and Chris Talbott aka GQ. It was a great time. When I arrived somebody said "may I take your bag Mr. Oden". I just smiled because honestly I’m still thinking that no one knows my name if they don’t play basketball. When I walked in, I saw a whole bunch of football players. They are real cool and diesel. They like to talk and they are friendly. A lot of them talked about their colleges and most of them were from Michigan. They gave me a hard time. They were all cool about it though. That first night was the TI party at the Roosevelt. There were a lot of people there when I got there. All I wanted to do was watch him perform, but I couldn’t cause i was way too hungry to pass up the food. When I finally got to the place where he was performing, he did one song and was done. I was in there for 15 mins after hoping he would come back out but when I realized almost everyone had left the place I got the hint that it was over.

The next day I got to present the Gatorade Player of the Year, an award that I was involved in two years ago and last year. I won it last year. Those times spent with the Gatorade people where the best times of my life. I got to see almost everyone from the previous times I was there and I missed them. For them to ask me to be a part of it, I answered yes with no hesitation. After that I had to go get ready for the ESPYs. I was looking all good in my suit. People usually say the man makes the suit. Well, in my case the tie made the suit, honestly. I got to be on the red carpet with all the stars and celebrities. It was crazy to me because I still don’t look at myself as one. But people would come up and say hi to me and I would be star struck. I’m not gonna leak too much about the show except that whoever watches it, you have to watch the beginning when it first comes on because Mr. Kimmel talked about me. I also presented the 4th or 5th award. Shaq called me out — it was funny. The show was hilarious. I was sitting next to LeBron’s Mom. She and I laughed almost the whole show. Also 2 seats down was Ms. Regina King and she was very beautiful, but I didn’t talk to her. The post party was cool. It was packed. I was excited to meet everyone there, but the two that I smile about the most are Kendra from "The Girls Next Door" and Sarah Underwood "Playmate of The Year" — she is from Oregon ;). They were two of the finest women I have ever met, hands down. Those two were the stars that I won’t stop telling people I met for years. In a wrap, the ESPYs were a blast and I would love to go back again.

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