Thursday , Jul , 19 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Thursday Question: Will Kobe Bryant Finish His Career With The Los Angeles Lakers?

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers aren’t saying much about the All-Star’s future in Los Angeles … In the first edition of The Thursday Question, HoopsVibe The Blog wants to know if you think Bryant will finish his career with the Lakers? … Click here and give us your thoughts on this topic…

The NBA can be a dirty business. Players are commodities. They can be cut, waived, released, sent to the NBDL, sold, or traded at any time. There’s little security. But plenty of money as compensation. 

A lucky few transcend this climate of instability and spend an extended amount of time in one city. You could never see them playing for another team. You could never see them putting on another uniform.

used to be one of those lucky few. He’s a Hollywood-Laker. Always has been. Even when he was just a high school senior in Philadelphia, Bryant was really a Hollywood-Laker. Who, other than Kobe, would take Moesha to the prom as a seventeen-year old?

Until recently, there was no way Bryant would play for any team other than Los Angeles. For so long, he’s been the -the epitome of the purple-and-gold. But his trade demands and refusal to clarify his future has thrown everything in doubt.

Below is the case for Bryant finishing or leaving the Lakers. We want you, the HoopsVibe faithful, to read both sides of the argument, listen to your gut, and answer The Thursday Question: Will Kobe Bryant finish his career with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Why Kobe will finish his career with the Lakers:

  • Bryant is the Lakers. Nothing else needs to be said.
  • Bryant has a no trade clause in his contract. He can veto any trade.
  • The Lakers won’t trade him because they can’t get back equal value. Such a concept doesn’t exist.
  •  Los Angeles is a city of stars. The Lakers’ owners, the Buss family, know they need a big-name talent, like Bryant, to draw fans.

Why Kobe won’t finish career with the Lakers:

  • Bryant and the Lakers have passed the point of no return. Too much damage has been done.
  • Bryant has an opt-out clause in his contract. He can become an unrestricted free agent and leave the Lakers in two seasons. He’ll likely exercise this clause and head to the Eastern Conference.
  • The Lakers are aware of the opt-out clause and will have to trade Bryant just to get something in return.
  • Los Angeles is a fickle city of stars. There are other big name stars and other sports. They’re tired of Bryant and are ready for something new.

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