Friday , Jul , 20 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Derek Fisher Signing A Positive Step For Kobe Bryant & Los Angeles Lakers

Much has been made of Derek Fisher signing with the Los Angeles Lakers … Some fans like the addition of Fisher, while others see it as a token move to appease Bryant and the Laker masses … Click here for news and analysis on this subject …

Paul Forrester commenting on Derek Fisher’s upcoming singing with the Lakers: 

Sure, we’re happy Fisher’s child will receive the medical treatment she needs in L.A. easier than she would have in Salt Lake City. But for as much as the Lakers needed to strengthen themselves in the paint, GM Mitch Kupchak chooses to boost the backcourt with a $14 million deal for a soon-to-be 33-year-old tweener point guard? Sure he will play better D than Smush parker and his familiarity and the respect he carries may keep Kobe‘s dissension in check at times, but his inability to offer much relief to Kobe from opposing defenses likely won’t help the Lakers’ playoff prospects.

My Quick Take: I like Forrester’s work, but I disagree with his specific opinion on this issue.

The key with this signing is expectations. The Lakers aren’t expecting to average 20 points and tens assists. However, they are expecting him to do a bit of everything: score, pass, defend, and provide leadership. This he can easily do. And the price, 14 million dollars over three years, is fair.

Fisher has a strong relationship with . But Fisher, because of his personality and life experiences, seems to have a good relationship with most people. So the veteran point guard will be able to bond with his entire team-Bryant included. This is the important point.

Of course, Fisher, by himself, isn’t enough to get the purple-and-gold back in the playoffs. But it’s a step in the right direction and, after their last few months, the Lakers will take good news wherever they can get it.

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