Tuesday , Jul , 24 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Commissioner David Stern & NBA Discusses Tim Donaghy Gambling Allegations

The NBA addressed the Tim Donaghy gambling allegations with a Tuesday press conference …. Commissioner Stern reviewed the NBA’s policy towards gambling and then took questions from reporters … Click here for news on this story …

The NBA had to start somewhere. And on Tuesday morning, the league tried to regain the trust of fans by holding a press conference, where Commissioner Stern addressed allegations that referee Tim Donaghy gambled on NBA games.

“My reaction is I can’t believe it’s happening to us,” Stern said.

The commissioner insisted that Donaghy was the only referee to have gambled on games and described the scandal as the worst problem he faced during his time with the NBA.

”Mr. Donaghy is the only referee alleged to have bet on NBA games and disclosed confidential information to others,” Stern declared before a room full of reporters in New York. “Again, I understand this is an isolated case.”

The FBI met with the NBA to discuss the case against Mr. Donaghy on June 21st. At this meeting, Commissioner Stern learned of the possibility Donaghy gambled on games he officiated.

What we’re dealing with is betting and providing information,” he explained. ”I don’t know of any charges yet or any discussions yet as to fixing of games.”

Stern called it the ”worst situation I’ve every experienced either as fan of the NBA, a lawyer for the NBA or commissioner of the NBA.”

But he tried to reassure fans that this situation will never happen again.

”We take our obligation to fans in this matter very seriously,” he explained. ‘We will do every look back possible to analyze our processes and seek the best advice possible to see if there are changes that should be made and procedures that should be implemented to continue to assure fans we’re doing the best we possibly can. We are going to maintain the confidence of our fans and regain the confidence of those who are shaken.”

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