Thursday , Jul , 26 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Thursday Question: Should NBA Commissioner David Stern get fired for the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal?

David Stern is on the hot-seat after the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal …. In this edition of the Thursday question, HoopsVibe The Blog wants to know if Stern should get fired for the Donaghy scandal and his recent work as commissioner? … Click here to get at us with your thoughts …

Commissioner Stern has never been a Hallmark Card of warm and fuzzy thoughts. The New York lawyer has often been described as, well, a New York lawyer: arrogant, defiant, and angry.

Say what you want, his shtick got results. Twenty-three years ago, Stern inherited a league on life-support and quickly molded into a global brand worth billions of dollars. Everyone got rich off the little commissioner’s business plan.

The world celebrated Michael, Magic, and Larry.

That was then and this is now. Stern seems oblivious to the NBA’s new reality: poor ratings, over-the-top enforcement of rules, and now a referee-gambling scandal which could cripple the entire league.

Below is the case for retaining or firing Commissioner Stern. We want you, the HoopsVibe faithful, to read both sides of the argument, listen to your gut, and answer The Thursday Question: Should NBA Commissioner David Stern get fired for the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal?

Why Stern should be retained/stay as commissioner:

  • Stern has taken the NBA to unprecedented heights. The league was on tape-delay when he started as commissioner and now it’s a global power. He’s earned the right to have the commissioner‘s job for life.
  • Stern is experienced. And that experience makes him the right guy to handle the Donaghy scandal.
  • Stern is still an incredibly talented commissioner. The league’s problems aren’t his fault.

Why Stern should get fired:

  • Stern has been out of touch with the NBA for a long time. He got the dress code and / suspensions wrong. And he can’t even admit that television ratings are down. A change is long overdue.
  • Stern and the NBA are to blame for the gambling scandal, they should have taken Donaghy off the job in January 2005, when they heard rumors he was betting.
  • Stern’s recent press conference didn’t cut it. He should have been more accountable instead of describing the Donaghy case as an isolated act.

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