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Friday Grudge Match: LeBron James vs. Stephon Marbury, Phoenix Suns Fans vs. San Antonio Spurs Fans, Tim Donaghy vs. The World, Commissioner Stern & NBA vs. The US Government

King James & Marbury exchange words, Suns & Spurs fans go at it, & everyone has issues with Tim Donaghy & Commissioner Stern … Yes, it’s another edition of Friday Grudge Match … So click here to read about the NBA’s latest beefs and give us your winners…

Friday Grudge Match is a chance for you to weigh-in on the many high-profile beefs and disputes in the NBA. Read the fight card below and tell us, who, in your expert opinion, is winning the beef and why.

Main Event: LeBron James vs. Stephon Marbury

and Starbury had issues back in March. James called sneakers “low-standard.” The Brooklyn point guard replied with: “I would rather own than be owned.”

Well, Marbury wasn’t finished. In a recent blog post, he critiqued James’ performance as host of the ESPYs.

You want to make me the clown…I’m not the dude on the ESPYs, getting carried on a throne. I’m not him. I’m the good guy, not the bad guy. I don’t want to be carried on the throne…I just want to walk among the people.

The Winner: Too close to call. We need James to respond before we can make a final decision.

Undercard Bout #1: Phoenix Suns fans vs. San Antonio Spurs fans.

believes the NBA is against them. They back up their claims by citing poor refereeing and the second round suspensions of and . They feel -to quote Donnie Brasco and Tim Thomas-are a fugasi.

After the Donaghy scandal, they may have a point. The controversial ref made some phantom calls in game three of the Western Conference semi-finals between the Suns and Spurs.

And Suns fans are starting to investigate the NBA like Kevin Costner and the government in JFK. Conspiracy theories are starting to roll like an Oly Stone movie. Personally, I prefer this episode of Seinfeld to JFK.

The Winner: Phoenix fans are gaining momentum in their claims of a grand conspiracy, but it shouldn’t diminish San Antonio’s accomplishments.

Undercard Bout #2: Tim Donaghy vs. the world.

Quick-fix Donaghy is in trouble. His refereeing gig is obviously in jeopardy. Bookies are threatening his life. The FBI is turning him into Sammy The Bull Gravano. And he may have permanently destroyed the credibility of the NBA. Everyone wants a piece of this guy. 

The Winner: The World. Donaghy is going down.      

 Undercard Bout #3: Commissioner Stern vs. The Government.

It gets worse for the NBA. Bob Rush, a Democratic Senator from Illinois, wants to meet Commissioner Stern to discuss the “most damaging scandal in the history of American sports.” Stern is in even bigger trouble if this issue becomes political.

The Winner: The government. Not all Democrats are warm and fuzzy like Al Gore. These guys play tough, too.

Got a grudge with Friday Grudge match? Tell us about it in the comment box below. Next Friday come back to HoopsVibe the Blog, where we’ll hit you off with the results and a fresh round of grudges to drop an opinion on.

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