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Kobe Bryant’s Weight Loss Will Improve His Game & Benefit Los Angeles Lakers

Can Kobe Bryant get even better? … Well, the Lakers superstar has lost twenty pounds over the summer and should be even more dominant next season … Click here for news and analysis on how Bryant’s game will change with the weight loss …

Kobe Bryant’s website reports on his weight loss:

Finally, Kobe‘s new diet has him playing at around 200 pounds, about 19 lbs lighter than he was last season:

On his weight loss of 19 pounds, he said it was the first time in nine years he had weighed in at 200 pounds. "I started watching what I eat. I had something to eat, I think it was pepperoni pizza and grape soda, and I started feeling a little bloated. And I didn’t know what that sensation was, and I tried getting out on the track and running and felt a little heavy, so I had to cut back a little bit."

My Quick Take: I consider the world’s most talented basketball player.  I can’t imagine him taking his game and individual skill-set to yet anther level. But that’s what will likely happen next season because the guard has dropped twenty pounds and should be even leaner and quicker.

Here’s how Bryant’s game will benefit from the weight loss:

  • He’ll be even more explosive. Kobe’s first-step will be even harder for defenders to contain.
  • He’ll be even better in the open-court. Kobe’s always been an excellent transition finisher, but now, twenty pounds lighter, he’ll be able to get up-and-down the court faster and will be even more unstoppable.   
  • He’ll be a better on-the-ball, perimeter defender. Kobe’s always been a great defender, but the new, ultra-quick Bryant will pester opposing point guards handling the ball.
  • He’ll have even more energy. Kobe, because he had to carry the Lakers, would sometimes tire-out down the stretch of games last year. An even fitter Bryant shouldn’t experience these problems in 2007-08.

Here’s how Bryant’s weight loss could change his game:

  • His low post game could suffer. With less of an upper-body, Bryant might not have the size to post-up opposing two-guards. Bryant may have trouble defending bigger guards, who will be tempted to take him down to the block.
  • He might not be so strong at finishing three-point plays. In the past, Bryant’s size would allow him to absorb a tough foul, so he could maintain focus and still try to sink the basket. Will a lighter Bryant be able to take hard fouls?

The Verdict: This is a case of pick your poison. Lighter Bryant, bigger Bryant-it really doesn’t matter. He dominated at 220 pounds. And he’ll absolutely dominate at 200 pounds. But I do believe Kobe’s perimeter game and endurance will improve because of his weight loss.

What do you think of Bryant’s weight loss? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

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