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Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, & Miami Heat Need More Than Smush Parker

The Miami Heat have signed Smush Parker to a two-year contract … Unfortunately, the team can’t make real changes because they mortgaged everything for their 2006 NBA Title win … Click here for news and analysis on this story …

The Palm Beach Post reports on the Heat signing Smush Parker:

Point guard Smush Parker always has wanted to play with Shaquille O’Neal, and now he’ll get the chance.

Parker, 26, signed a two-year contract with the Heat on Friday with an annual salary of about $3 million, he said from Los Angeles.

The deal is contingent on him passing a physical Monday, when he expects to be introduced at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Parker will provide insurance at point guard for Jason Williams, who has been troubled by injuries.

The Heat had tried to get other point guards, but Mo Williams re-signed with Milwaukee and Steve Francis chose Houston.

My Quick Take: Did you enjoy your 2006 NBA Title fans? Was the parade fun? Did you get a good laugh at Coach Riley dancing on center stage?

I hope so. Because signing Smush Parker should send off a warning signal to Miami fans: your team sacrificed their future to win the championship last summer.

Expensive veterans closing in on their best before date were signed to win the 2006 Title. The short-term was what mattered. Cost was afterthought; maxing-out the present was the only concern.

A year later, SouthBeach is paying the price for their win-now philosophy. The team lacks the cap space to make the necessary changes. Mo Williams preferred ‘Mo’ money in Milwaukee and passed on taking The Mia’s mid-level exception. And Steve Francis chose Houston over Miami.

The same team Chicago swept in the first round of the playoffs is returning. No major changes, no significant upgrades. So yesterday, Miami, with few free agent options available, announced the singing of Parker.

The former Laker is a nice back-up point guard. But he won’t help an inconsistent Heat squad develop the consistency to once again contend in the Eastern Conference. Fair or not, Parker size, scoring, and defense come with reports of a questionable attitude. The guard often clashed with Laker sideline boss Phil Jackson.

Miami deserves credit for risking everything to win last year’s title. However, Heat fans will soon realize such an approach can be costly. Unless more significant changes are on the horizon, and will not be enough for a return to glory in June of 2008.

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