Saturday , Jul , 28 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Five Overlooked and Underrated NBA Free Agents Part 2: Matt Barnes, Devin Brown, P.J. Brown, Charlie Bell, Brevin Knight

Most of the big-name free agents have been taken off the market, inking lucrative contracts … But several talented players are available and can be had for a bargain … Click here for news and analysis ….

Here are five slept-on free agents that could help any NBA team:

1) Matt Barnes.

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The Skinny:  Last season, The Mohawk emerged from anonymity to become a valuable role player for the Warriors. brings an edge and can stretch defenses with his outside range.

The Outcome: He’ll sign with the Memphis Grizzlies or return to Golden State.

The Price: Barnes will get slightly below the mid-level exception.

2) Devin Brown.

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The Skinny: An emergency pick-up last year for the Hornets, averaged double-figures and played a number of positions. His versatility and refreshing attitude makes him a valuable role player for any team.

The Outcome: A late summer signing for some team or a year or two overseas.

The Price: Brown will have to take whatever he can get.

3) P.J. Brown.

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The Skinny: is a straight-up dinosaur. But this old soul is far from extinct. The veteran’s rebounding and defense makes him a valuable commodity.

The Outcome: Brown could play a final year with Orlando or Phoenix.

The Price: Veteran’s minimum.

4) Charlie Bell.

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The Skinny: ’s paid his dues. The muscular two-guard spent time overseas before finally getting a shot with the Bucks last season. He made the most of his opportunity, averaging 13.5 points per game.

The Outcome: Milwaukee wants him back.

The Price: This is a tough call. The money will be below the mid-level exception. I’m unsure if he’ll get a long-term or short-term contract.

5) Brevin Knight.

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The Skinny: can still get it done as a spot-starter or reliable back-up. His assists-to-turnover ratio is solid; the Stanford  grad is classic table-setting point guard.

The Outcome: Knight should ink a deal and soon.

The Price: Whatever he can get!

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