Sunday , Jul , 29 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Analyzing Chris Webber’s Options: Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, & Orlando Magic

Chris Webber, a former all-star and MVP candidate, is still available as a free agent … The veteran is looking at three teams: Detroit, Dallas, and Orlando … How would Webber fit with each team? Click here for news and analysis on this story …

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports on the possibility Chris Webber could sign with the Dallas Mavericks:

Mavs officials said they continue to pursue Chris Webber, and Webber confirmed to Slam Magazine on Thursday that he still has the Mavs on his mind.

At Webber’s Bada Bling charity event, the magazine asked him if he planned to re-sign with Detroit.

"I don’t know," Webber told the magazine. "I would love to. Right now, I’m thinking about Detroit and Dallas, so you never know."

My Quick Take: There’s interest in because the veteran still uses his basketball IQ to set-up teammates and knock-down open outside shots. Make no mistake about it, the former All-Star can still contribute. Three teams are interested in C-Webb’s services: , , and .

Webber wants to stay with the Pistons. He’s from Motown and would like to finish his career in his hometown. Of course, Detroit also plays in the weaker Eastern Conference and, with their veteran core, stands a chance of qualifying for the NBA Finals.

However, Pistons GM Joe Dumars wasn’t overly-impressed with Webber’s stint in Detroit. The Hall of Fame two-guard is currently exploring other options and as a last resort might sign the veteran to a one year contract.

The Mavericks often flirt with big-names like Webber. Remember, the rumor that Reggie Miller would come out of retirement to join Dallas? And Cuban once signed Dennis Rodman to a contract back in the day.   

So the club’s interest in C-Webb isn’t surprising. But Webber plays high-post like Nowitzki, so I’m not sure how this would work. However, two intelligent players-like Nowitzki and Webber- should be always able to find a way to play together.

Orlando would make sense for Webber. The Magic could use a high-post passer to complement ’s presence down-low. And, after losing veteran , Webber could mentor some of the team’s younger players.

Webber’s interest in Detroit might not be mutual. This gives Dallas and Orlando a chance at signing the wily post.

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