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Sorry Nate Robinson, Not Quite As Bullish on Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, & New York Knicks

One classic team, the Boston Celtics, seem on the verge of making a comeback … What about the New York Knicks? … Robinson, a Knick guard, likes his team’s chances with Curry and Randolph manning the low block … Click here for news and analysis on this story …

Nate Robinson discusses New York’s chances with www.knicks.com:

"Oh Big Z-bo! (laughs) Guys are going to get open shots, because with him and Eddy on the block, guys can’t double-team them. If you do, then Eddy’s open or Zach’s open, and then you’ve got Jamal and Q and other guys who can knock down shots. It’s going to open up our whole team, especially with us in the East."

My Quick Take: One historic team, , hope newly-acquired and Ray Allen give them some playoff shine. What are the chances of another classic franchise, the , also making a run in the Eastern Conference?

, a back-up point guard for Spike Lee’s favorite squad, believes The Big Apple could make some noise this year. Robinson likes the idea of newly acquired Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry commanding double-teams down-low and then kicking the rock out to the club’s perimeter shooters.

The little man who blocked Yao Ming is right-in theory. Inside-outside basketball works because it’s so simple. The Houston Rockets won two NBA Titles in the mid-nineties with graceful Hakeem accepting the extra defender and moving the ball to outside gunners like Vernon Maxwell, Robert Horry, and Kenny Smith. Yes, that Kenny Smith. He’s done something other than antagonize Charles Barkley on TNT and was once the starting point guard for some excellent Houston teams.

But there’s a problem with Nate’s strategy. and are talented, but they each struggle passing out of double-teams. It’s the Achilles heel of both players. Last year, Randolph averaged 3.16 turnovers to 2.2 assists, while Curry averaged 3.64 turnovers to a paltry .08 assists per game.

I appreciate Robinson’s enthusiasm and zeal for the game; it’s why he’s fun to watch. And I believe the Knicks will improve next season. However, Randolph and Curry, at least at this stage of their careers, lack the passing skills to play inside-outside basketball. It’s just not there.

The good news: Knicks coach Isiah Thomas will continue to mentor both posts. I also believe Mark Aguirre, a legendary forward and Knicks assistant coach, will help Randolph and Curry develop their passing skills. 

The sooner Isiah’s parts can come together, the better. If the Knicks gel into a cohesive unit, Madison Square Gardens could also enjoy their own basketball renaissance in the spring of 2008.

How do you see Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph working out next season in New York? Get at  HoopsVibe The Blog in the comment box below.

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