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Trade Proposal For Miami Heat & L.A. Clippers: Jason Williams & Antoine Walker For Sam Cassell & Corey Maggette?

The Miami sun is setting on the Shaq-Wade era, so they need a change to stay competitive, while Los Angeles needs help after Brand’s injury. This trade proposal favors Miami. No doubt about it. The Heat could really use Maggette’s athleticism and offensive game. And Cassell would keep his new teammates sharp with his loud mouth and competitive nature …

One HoopsVibe the Blog reader proposed this trade between and :

The Heat trade , , and Wayne Simien to the Clippers in exchange for Corey Maggette, Sam Casasell, Quinton Ross, and Aaron Williams.

The Heat should trade with the Clippers. The Clips need to replace a point guard and get help up front. The Heat needs a scorer and a slasher. The only reasonable trade would be J. Williams, Walker and Simien to the Clips for Maggette, Cassell, Ross and A. Williams. It works out. Walker can slide in for Brand and Maggette would be a great fit for the Heat.

Reader comments on this trade proposal:

ChiTown’s Finest:

I like that suggestion of the Heat trading with the Clips. That’s an amazing trade, Cassell has a few years left and by the time Shaq’s contract is done and he retires, Miami has enough money to go after a great point and or center.


Players the Heat have to trade, if there are takers, should be: Walker, Williams, and Doleac. And maybe to spice it up include Haslem or even Dorell (Wright) Just to get rid of the first three.


You guys complain of the Heat not making moves and that they should be rebuilding. Yet you suggest trading guys like Dorrell (Wright) or Simien. Those are two guys right there that may be the Heat’s future. Dorrell (Wright) is still extremely young and showed some promise last season and Simien can be a solid role player.

Right now all the Heat need is a proven 3rd option scorer; no need to completely rebuild. In my opinion, even though Pietrus isn’t the smartest player, he’d be a good addition. Because I feel it’s Dorrell’s time to start getting more minutes and Pietrus is good for about 20-25 minutes a night, so the two of them can split (minutes).

Plus Pietrus wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and he gives us youth, length, and athleticism. And he’ better offensively then Posey. He can also play SG which would be great for Wade.

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One final thought: this is a hypothetical discussion. There’s nothing official about it. It’s a thoughtful suggestion from a reader. Treat it as such.

As for the trade proposal: the Heat and Clippers have to do something. The sun is setting on Miami’s – era, so they need a change to stay competitive, while Los Angeles needs help after Brand’s injury.

This proposal favors Miami. No question about it. The Heat could use Maggette’s athleticism and offensive game. Cassell’s mouth and competitive nature would prevent his new teammates from becoming apathetic like last season.

The Heat would get some cap flexibility, too. Maggette is under contract for two more years at a combined total of 16 million dollars, while Cassell earns 6 million dollars in the final year of his deal. Walker is on the books for three years at 30 million dollars; Williams has one more year on his deal at 8.5 million dollars.

Walker would get his numbers on a bad Clippers team. It’s like his 60 games in Atlanta, part deux. However, he’s not capable of carrying a team anymore. Williams would entertain the B-list celebs sitting courtside at StaplesCenter, but would get frustrated with losing.would be the only real positive for Mike Dunleavy’s club; he has the potential to develop into a nice player-a poor man’s Brand, in fact.

I’m not sure if this trade proposal helps Los Angeles. They need to figure out a direction after Brand’s injury. Of course, they are the Clippers, so they’ll probably make a rash decision like this trade.

Who wins this trade proposal: Miami or L.A. (Clippers)? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

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