Friday , Aug , 24 , 2007 Oly Sandor

Comeback Over: Reggie Miller & Boston Celtics Won’t Face Spike Lee & New York Knicks news services reports on Reggie Miller aborting his comeback attempt with the Boston Celtics:

Reggie Miller‘s comeback has ended before it began.

The former Indiana Pacers star and TNT hoops analyst has decided he won’t make a comeback with the Boston Celtics or anyone else, according to The Indianapolis Star.

"That’s it,” he told The Star. "Physically, I know I could have done it. But mentally, when you do something like this, you’ve either got to be all in or all out. And I’ve decided I’m all out."

Miller told the newspaper the decision came after two weeks of workouts designed to see how his body might react to the stress of an entire NBA season.

"Earlier [Thursday], I was ready to come back. I was going to do it. But then I flew back here, I thought about it, I talked to a lot of people, and honestly, most people told me I should come back," Miller said, according to the newspaper.

"Charles [Barkley], Mark [Jackson], Doug [Collins], they all said I should do it. And when I was back in Indy this week [for the Peyton Manning charity bowling event], people on the streets, they’d tell me to do it," Miller told the newspaper. "But as the day went on, I just realized I wasn’t ready mentally to put myself through the grind again."

My Quick Take: I wanted to see it one more time. A final Mohammed Ali-Joe Frazier, Thrilla-in-Manila face-off. When word of a Miller comeback broke I dreamed of the sharpshooter rolling back into MadisonSquareGardens and giving Knick super-fan Spike Lee The Look.

You remember The Look? Think back to the 1990’s. Bill Clinton was either in power or fighting impeachment. This internet thing was taking off.  Victoria Beckham was just Posh Spice. And Reggie Miller, one of the NBA’s premier sharpshooters and trash-talkers, used to go at Lee, a die-hard New York fan.

Is this still a little foggy? Don’t remember their legendary duels and smack-talk sessions? Check out Miller’s top ten career highlights.

Half of those highlights came against in the Mecca known as MadisonSquareGardens. And after every big shot, Miller would search for Lee’s courtside seats and give him The Look.

The Look defined Miller’s career. It was his way of informing opponents and fans that he had just iced things with a big play. Game over. Thanks for coming out.

Yesterday, Miller pulled the plug on his comeback attempt with Boston. The mental strain was too much for a 43 year old. Fair enough. I thought we should reminisce on Miller’s greatest moment. Sure, the star drained clutch baskets and led the Pacers to the NBA Finals. For me, Miller’s greatest moment came at MadisonSquareGardens, when the New York faithful, sensing that Miller would soon retire, honored their long-time nemesis by chanting his name during the second-half.

Game always recognizes game. And a few years back, Knick fans and Miller recognized each other.

What do you think of Miller staying in retirement? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

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