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Corey Maggette & Bonzi Wells Will Have Big Years For L.A. Clippers & Houston Rockets

Revenge is a dish best served cold and it’s time to flip the script on the haters. This describes what Maggette and Wells will try to do with L.A. and Houston this season …

The L.A. Times reports on Corey Maggette being the Clippers’ first-option on offense:

Trade rumors have followed Corey Maggette the last few years and probably will continue as he can opt out of his contract at the end of the season. But he said his focus is only on the court. While the team looks to find an identity as it combats injuries to key players, Maggette will be looked to as a key piece in the puzzle. Toward the end of last season, he turned into a scorer and playmaker, a role the Clippers want him to fill again this season.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Bonzi Wells could have a bounce back year with the Rockets:

There’s been less of Bonzi Wells this year in training camp. So there could be more of Bonzi Wells in the lineup for the Rockets this season. Wells is about 15 pounds lighter and has been bouncing around the different courts inside the Cooley Pavilion at the University of Texas as if someone unstrapped a piano from his back. If the Rockets have a different look, different offensive philosophy, different demeanor this time around, nowhere is it more evident than in Wells, 31, the swingman who is reveling in the coaching change from Jeff Van Gundy to Rick Adelman.

My Quick Take: Revenge is a dish best served cold and it’s time to flip the script on the haters.  These statements describe Maggette and Wells’  mindset coming into this season. These small forwards may play for different teams, but their situations with the Clippers and Rockets is similar.

  • Both have something to prove. left Maggette for dead last year, shopping him around the NBA, while Wells never gelled with the Rockets and left the team before the playoffs started.
  • Both have golden opportunities this year. Elton Brand is out with a heal injury, so Maggette becomes the first-option on offense. Wells’ old coach, Rick Adelman, is Houston‘s new sideline boss. Adelman wants to open-up the Rockets’ offense and he’ll feature Wells’ scoring.
  • Both are motivated by the all-mighty buck. After all, players usually play their best during contract years. And Maggette can opt-out of his contract this July, while Wells’ two-year deal expires after the season.
  • Both are talented. Maggette is one of the NBA’s most athletic players and usually draws contact when driving to the basket. A few years ago, Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen referred to Wells as the second-coming of Mark Aguirre. And two years ago, Wells was the best player on either team when Sacramento faced San Antonio in the playoffs. Bottom line: the emotionally-challenged forward can ball.

Maggette and Wells have had their problems. However, they look poised to have big seasons for L.A. and Houston.

How will Maggette and Wells do for the Clippers and Rockets next season? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

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