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Eddie House Finding Role With Boston Celtics & Kevin Garnett’s Retirement Plans

Eddie House has always provided a spark. The situation never mattered; garbage minutes or prime-time, the gunslinger influenced games with his outside range.

Unfortunately, opportunities have been sparse. In Sacramento, he never became a regular rotation guy. In Phoenix and New Jersey, the coaches struggled to hook House up with consistent burn.

Mike D’Antoni and Lawrence Frank both felt House was a shooting-guard trapped in a point-guard’s body. So the veteran found himself chained to the bench.

But his days of paying dues are over. Over the summer, House signed with the Boston Celtics. Playing next to Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett means plenty of open-looks for the deep specialist.

After an up-and-down first month, House has found his niche providing offense off-the-bench. In his last two games, he dropped 15 and 13 points on Philadelphia and Toronto. Most importantly, his energy and presence killed the Raptors.

Hopefully, House, the career underdog and real life Cinderella story, takes full advantage of the situation and sticks with the Celtics as a key reserve.

Kevin Garnett coming to a rec center near you? …

You got to love The Big Ticket’s passion for basketball. Check out his post-NBA plans:

"When I’m done, I [told Celtics officials] this, ya’ll will probably read a little insert in USA Today about Kevin Garnett in some Thousand Oaks [Calif.] YMCA busting up old guys. I’m sticking to my guns. I got the YMCA picked out. I know where I’m going. I’m checking out the [competition]." (Boston Globe)

This quote shows why Garnett is an all-time great. His passion for basketball and work ethic is unmatched; reports had him at the Celts’ practice facility everyday this summer at 7am.

And that YMCA in California will be one competitive spot for pick-up runs.

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