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The Best Point Guard For LeBron James & Cleveland Cavaliers: Jason Kidd or Mike Bibby?

On the surface it seems like an easy decision. After all, Kidd is an elite player, capturing individual accolades and notoriety as a top table-setter.
However, there is another side to this story. A friend -admittedly, a somewhat delusional member of my crew- suggested the Cavs might be better off with Mike Bibby because of his outside touch …

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on LeBron James’ desire to play with Jason Kidd:

Of course I could. If there’s one guy in the world who says he can’t play with Jason Kidd, he’s drunk. He’s been drinking all day and all night. "Seriously. It would be great. I played with him all summer. He makes the game that much easier to play. All you’ve got to do is run the floor with a guy like Jason Kidd – you get a layup."

My Quick Take: King James likes the idea of Kidd running Cleveland’s offense. Should the Cavaliers acquire Kidd, the triple-double machine?

It seems like an easy decision. Kidd is still an elite player, capable of dominating games.

However, another perspective exists.  A friend -admittedly, a somewhat delusional member of my crew- suggested the Cavs might be better off with the Kings’ Mike Bibby because of his outside touch.

I decided to offer this debate to the HoopsVibe masses. As always, read the post, form an opinion, and tell us whether Cleveland would be better off acquiring Kidd or Bibby?

The Case For Kidd:

  • He’s arguably the world’s best table-setter. Kidd’s diverse skill-set, he can pass, rebound, and defend, makes those around him better.
  • Kidd fits Cleveland’s defensive system. At 6-4, 205 pounds, the veteran has the size and quickness to guard elite perimeter players.
  • Most importantly, James wants Kidd. What the franchise wants, he typically gets, especially with his opt-out clause on the horizon.

The Case Against Kidd:

  • Kidd is at the age where point guards usually decline. At 35, how much longer before he ‘s on the downside of his career?
  • Kidd’s outside range is somewhat shaky. Teams could cheat off him and double-up on James.
  • Cleveland is over the salary cap and Kidd is owed 42 million over the next two seasons. Matching the salaries in a trade could be difficult.
  • Fair or not, Kidd’s character has taken a hit with a recent lawsuit, divorce proceedings, and the infamous hooky incident.

The Case For Bibby:

  • He just needs a change of scenery to excel. After all, Bibby was Sacramento’s best player in their classic playoff wars with Los Angeles.
  • Bibby would keep opposing defenses honest. The Arizona grad’s outside shot would punish opponents for double-teaming James.
  • He’s five years younger and significantly cheaper than Kidd.

The Case Against Bibby:

  • Cleveland already has a point guard with range in Daniel Gibson. Acquiring Bibby would squeeze Boobie’s minutes.
  • Bibby is a so-so defender. Cleveland wins by getting stops.
  • Like Kidd, Bibby has baggage. He has a prickly personality and keeps getting injured.

Verdict: Kidd by a mile.
Why: Forget his off-court incidents. Kidd, despite his age, is still an exceptional player. His razor-sharp defense, precision passing, and veteran presence would push Cleveland back to the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

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