Sunday , Jan , 13 , 2008 Oly Sandor

Ron Artest & Mike Bibby Out, Kevin Martin & John Salmons In For Sacramento Kings

Ron Artest & Mike Bibby Out, Kevin Martin & John Salmons In For Sacramento KingsMy AM Take: Out with the old. In with the new. That’s what struck me watching Ron Artest and Mike Bibby in suits on Sacramento’s bench during the Kings-Pacers game Saturday at Arco Arena.

Suspension, injury, and family issues have kept Artest and Bibby out of Sacramento’s line-up for much of the season. Others have stepped-up in their absence, making the Kings’ biggest names available.

And now the rumor mill is working overtime. Like the villain in a James Bond movie, the Artest to New York gossip won’t die. And Bibby has been linked to more suitors than a Hollywood socialite in US Weekly magazine.

Sacramento is right to move their veterans and go young.  John Salmons is the best NBA player you’ve never heard of. Francisco Garcia is posting solid numbers; Beno Udrih is a pass-first table-setter.

Of course, there’s Kevin Martin. The lanky two-guard emerged from relative obscurity last season to post All-Star numbers. Martin’s 55 million dollar extension makes him the new face of the franchise.

If they get back a young post for Artest or Bibby, then the new-look Kings will suddenly be back in the Western Conference.

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